Resource Updates: April 2015

Whenever a resource you own is updated, you’ll get that updated content—for free—so your Logos library is always becoming more valuable and staying up to date with the latest improvements.

Here’s a list of Logos resources that were updated throughout April:

Added page numbers

General Resource Update

Updated Formatting

Updated or Additional Content

Logos 6 Milestone/Section Searching Support

Added English Glosses

Factbook Support

Updated Morphological Data

Updated links to Wallace’s Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics:

* * *

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  1. I thank God for the keeping and sharing of His Word; and the Logos Company. The information is lacking nothing for all areas of life and ages by our Creator and Saviour and King Yeshua the Christ.

  2. Way to go Logos, thanks for keeping me up to date!

  3. I love that you let us know whats going on now! Thanks Logos!