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Matthew 6 records what is now known as the Lord’s Prayer. This simple prayer contains powerful insights into the mind of Jesus. When studied appropriately, one discovers not only the historical basis for this prayer and the impact it had on Jesus’ disciples, but how it can change our lives today. N.T. Wright dives into some of these insights with his book, The Lord and His Prayer, and it’s free this month!

Study the prayer, step-by-step

This short, but powerful exposition by Wright focuses on 6 important points:

  • Our Father in Heaven
  • Thy Kingdom Come
  • Give Us This Day
  • Forgive us our trespasses
  • Deliver us from evil
  • The Power and the Glory

Those who have heard Dr. Wright speak will recognize his gentle, meaningful style coming through his writing. In his first chapter, “Our Father in Heaven”, he writes:

Jesus didn’t come simply to offer a new pattern, or even a new depth, of spirituality. Spiritual depth and renewal come, as and when they come, as part of the larger package. But that package itself is about being delivered from evil; about return from exile; about having enough bread; about God’s kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven.

Valuable insights and powerful reminders

In addition to brilliant insights, Wright offers seemingly familiar reassurances:

What Jesus did, he did uniquely, once and for all. That is essential to the gospel. We don’t have to go on repeating it again and again; and we couldn’t, even if we wanted to.

None of us would deny this fact, but the sheer simplicity of this reminder focuses our attention on the here and now. Since we cannot repeat what Jesus did, what are we left here to do? It is this, and other similar questions, which propel the reader forward in this powerful book.

* * *

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