Get the Most Out of Your Free Book of the Month

In The Lord and His Prayer, May’s Free Book of the Month, N.T. Wright provides valuable insights into the Lord’s Prayer, and appeals to the believer to return to a dedicated life of personal prayer. In Logos, this book becomes even more valuable with visual filters, search, collections, and more. Today, I’m going to show you some of the ways I’ve used Logos to get the most out of my study of Wright’s book.

Prayer visual filter

First, let’s discover every time the word “pray” occurs in this text. To do this:

  • Go to the Documents tab
  • Select “Visual Filter” from the drop-down menu.
  • Change your parameters from “Bible” to “Basic”.
  • Limit your search from “All Resources” to our Free Book by searching for “The Lord and His Prayer”.

Visual Filter
Additionally, I want to see derivatives, such as “praying” or “prayer”. This is easily accomplished with a wildcard search: “pray*”. Since I will be reading this start to finish, I simply bold the text. This helps to keep the topic in the forefront of my mind as I read.

To enable this visual filter,

  • Open the selected resource.
  • Select the visual filter icon
  • Check the box next to your filter name.

Screenshot 2015-05-14 07.59.43

Build an N.T. Wright collection

Next, I want to see how often prayer plays a part in Wright’s other works. Since I have the 48-volume Works of N.T. Wright in my library already, I can go ahead and create a quick collection.

  • Go to Tools tab
  • Select “Collections”
  • Rename the collection. I’ve chosen “N.T. Wright Works”
  • Set the rule: “Author:N.T. Wright”
  • Close the tab

Prayer in N.T. Wright’s other works

To utilize the full power of this new collection, let’s open the Search tab. I’ve got a “Basic” search started. But I want to select “Everything” and change it to my new “N.T. Wright Works” collection. Now, I can run the same wildcard search, “pray*” I find 3,883 results in 1,124 articles across 49 resources.

Wright's Works

When I sort “By count” I see that The Lord and His Prayer is third behind Wright’s books Paul and the Faithfulness of God and New Testament Prayer for Everyone. This gives me a great starting point for more in-depth study on prayer. But I want to take it one step further and apply the same highlighting to Wright’s other works.

To do this, just select the drop down menu under the search icon, and select “Save as Visual Filter”. I again select “Bold Text” and all this formatting is instantly applied to all of Wright’s works.

Updated Visual Filter


Try it for yourself. Get The Lord and His Prayer today!


  1. Diane Quijano says

    I followed the steps to do a Visual Filter on the word Prayer in the book, The Lord and His Prayer, but nothing in the text changed. (I selected BOLD for the words pray, praying, prayer.)

    • Jonathan J. Watson says


      I have updated the post to include additional directions.

      To enable this visual filter:

      1) Open the selected resource.
      2) Select the visual filter icon (3 overlapping circles)
      3) Check the box next to your filter name

  2. Henk ten Voorde says

    It doesn’t work. The option “visual filters” is not displayed unther the visual.

    • Jonathan J. Watson says


      I’m sorry you’re having problems. When created, your Visual Filter should appear in your documents dropdown tab. Do you see it there?