Get the Most out of Logos with Logos Academic Training

49558With a research tool as powerful as Logos, having a guide show you how to use it to its fullest potential is a must. More valuable still is having this guide available down the road—when you really need it.

In LT161 Logos Academic Training, certified trainer Morris Proctor teams up with Mobile Ed to show you how to use Logos 6’s new tools and essential features to do the research you need, whenever you need. In addition to the training videos, you receive word-for-word transcripts that integrate into your Logos library. So when it’s late at night, your deadline is tomorrow, and you can’t remember how to find all of the places King David is quoted in the New Testament, just search your library and you’ll find a video like this waiting to help you.

Being able to find the answers you need when you need them is valuable. Being able to retain that information is even better. In addition to reading along with the transcripts, you can put your learning into practice with assignments, and test your comprehension with quizzes—all at your own pace.

If you’re a student or an instructor you’ll find the extra sections on citations, clippings, and bibliographies especially helpful. And since each video is brief and focused on performing a specific task, it’s perfect for classroom learning. If you’d like to see Logos Academic Training included in the educational experience at your school, have your instructor or administrator call (800) 878-4191, or email to arrange a special discount.

The best deal you’ll ever get on this course

LT161 Logos Academic Training ships in two days, which means this is your last chance to get Pre-Pub pricing. If you want to learn how to use Logos to its fullest potential—and have the training you need, when you need it—pre-order this course while you still can!


  1. where is the manual?

  2. click on the blue link above to see the manual, and the pre-pub price

  3. It seems like Logos is learning a lot from Apple. With all the upgrades they continually do it is not even worth buying this product. By the time that you master it there will be a new Logos 7 and a new Training Video. I already spent money on Logos 4 and then Logos 5 Morris Proctor DVDs Now I have to cough up another 200 for Logos 6. Why not give those who purchased the previous a huge discount?

    • Ryan Rotz says

      Steve, there is a special discount for customers who own Mobile Ed: LT151 Logos Academic Training or Logos Academic Training for Logos 5. Once this product (LT161) ships on Wednesday, sign in to, visit the LT161 product page, and you will see your specially discounted price.

  4. Jeff Stephens says

    How is this different than the training manual for Logos 6?