Get Rewarded: Support the Logos App for Windows Phone

Windows Phone

We want anyone with a Windows Phone or Windows tablet to be able to access their Logos library using the Logos Bible app—but we need your help.

If you love Logos Bible Software and would like to see the Logos Bible app available for anyone with a Windows mobile device, then you can help make this happen.

It’s simple

Just bid the amount you would be willing to pay on the Windows Universal Bible App community-pricing page. If you help pay for the initial development of this app, when we reach 100% funding you’ll receive an exclusive gift.

Take your Logos library with you wherever you go

Currently the Logos app is available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. The Logos Bible app lets you take your Logos library with you wherever you go and gives you access to smart tools that help you explore important ideas and make connections across the biblical text. Once developed, the Logos Bible app will add extreme value to users on Windows devices across the world. We want everyone to truly experience fuller, richer Bible study wherever they go.

Pick up right where you left off.

The Logos app seamlessly syncs notes, reading plans, and highlights across all available devices. The Logos app will also have syncing functionality with Windows Phone, allowing you to pick up right where you left no matter which device you use.

Once developed, the app will be free through the Windows store, but we need your help to get it started.

Be part of something new

Bid today and when we reach 100% you’ll be rewarded with a special thank-you gift>>>

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  1. Cool! Great to see you’re expanding available platforms. What’s the timeline for developing a Linux platform…?

  2. Except for those who work in places where web access is not available… (e.g., Bible translation advisor).

  3. I notice that the min amount to bid is $10, but the app is free on other platforms – why the huge premium for WinPhone users? Especially given that this will be a Universal app and will run on all Windows platforms (even HoloLens!), which should a larger potential user base.

    Somethings not right with this.

    • Eric Vaniman says

      Hi Brandon,

      Just to clarify, there is already a Logos app for Windows on desktop, but not for Windows Phone.

      Unfortunately we don’t have enough customers using Windows Phone to justify development at this time. However, we wanted to provide an opportunity to make it happen, should Windows Phone users feel passionately enough about it.

      That said, the app will be free in the Windows Store once it is available, and anyone who bids for its development will receive a surprise thank-you gift.

      We will continue to monitor this bid, and keep you up-to-date on any progress or changes.

  4. With Universal Apps now on Windows it would be wonderful to have Logos as a Universal App, so the same app works on desktop and mobile. With a much larger market and supposedly with less development overhead, it sounds like a winner.
    Is the current Windows app restricted by market? I can't find it in the Windows Store when searching from New Zealand.

  5. Enough already with the same old "market share" conversation about Windows Phone. With Universal Apps, there is no reason to not make a full version of Logos available.