6 May Deals You Won’t Want to Miss

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Every month, we feature discounts on a wide range of products: commentaries, biblical and theological studies, preaching resources, and more. This May, you can get great deals on 100+ products. Not sure where to get started? Here are six of this month’s best offers:

  1. Sheffield / T&T Clark Bible Guides Collection (44 vols.) 58% off: Survey key critical issues and important scholarship on the Bible and Apocrypha with these concise yet thorough study guides. This collection is a great value at the regular price, and you’ll get an even more amazing value this month.
  2. Warren A. Gage Biblical Theology Collection (13 vols.) 52% off: Explore a wide range of theological and interpretive topics with professor and pastor Warren A. Gage: eschatology, resurrection theology, typology, inductive Bible study, Revelation’s intertextual connections with other books, and much more.
  3. The Expositor’s Greek Testament (5 vols.) 45% off: Get a timeless reference work, featuring textual, literary, and grammatical commentary on nearly every Greek word in the New Testament, along with extensive introductions to each NT book.
  4. Christianity Magazine (176 issues) 40% off: Enhance your research on almost any topic with 6,000+ easily searchable pages of engaging, thoughtful columns and articles from a range of trusted Christian leaders.
  5. Classic Commentaries and Studies on Romans (32 vols.) 40% off: Gain new insights into Romans’ doctrinal riches with 4,000 pages’ worth of timeless commentary, word studies, lectures, and more.
  6. Baker Hermeneutics and Interpretation Collection (17 vols.) 36% off: Sharpen your interpretive skills with invaluable works by Joel B. Green, Robert H. Stein, D. A. Carson, David S. Dockery, G. K. Beale, and others—and get nearly $150.00 off the regular price.

And that’s just the beginning! Check out all the products on sale this May.