New Reformed Study Bibles from R.C. Sproul and Joel Beeke!

The past few months have seen the release of two important new study Bibles in the Reformed world.

Get nearly 45% off the print price! Pre-order the Reformation Study Bible and the Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible today!

Get a major update to a modern classic

The Reformation Study Bible (2015) is an extensively revised, new edition of the popular resource edited by R.C. Sproul. Expanded with over 40% more content, this new edition will serve the church for years to come.

The new edition of the Reformation Study Bible is a milestone in evangelical publishing. . . . This is a serious study Bible for serious students, and it belongs in every Christian’s library.—Dr. R. Albert Mohler

Discover Old Truths in a New Bible

The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible, edited by Puritan Reformed Seminary president Joel Beeke, is an entirely new study Bible featuring thoughts for personal and family devotions on every chapter of the Bible—along with thousands of notes and dozens of articles on living the Christian faith.

Its scope is extraordinary, its guiding principles are rock solid, and it is remarkably readable. I know of nothing like it, and I commend it warmly.”—John Blanchard

Navigate your daily bible reading with these indispensable new study Bibles. Plus, they’re made even more powerful in your Logos library. Get the latest milestone in evangelical study Bibles while they’re on Pre-Pub to secure the best price now.


Pre-order the Reformation Study Bible and the Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible today!


  1. Wrong! 20% on one book and 25% on the other makes a saving of 22.5% on both, not 45%.

    • Oops. My apologies, didn’t notice at first that the 45% relates to print price not Logos price. Ignore my previous comment.

  2. The ‘get both today’ link dos not take me to a link where I can get both. So to get each individually does not give 45% discount. Would appreciate this if it is corrected.

  3. Matt Hogan says

    Very excited for these resources!

  4. Rob Ferguson says

    I cant tell how much my faith has been enriched by the current Reformed Study Bible. I look forward to the release of the update and will recommend it to my friends…..reformed or not. Could you tell me if the pre order one on your website is an E download or hard copy?

    • Jesse Myers says

      Hi Rob,

      This pre-order is for the Logos edition of the book which is a digital version designed to work in Logos Bible Software.

  5. got one!

  6. Are you updating the Ligonier RSB app with this content? Thanks!