Logos 6: How to Use and Hide Auto Bookmarks

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

A fellow Logos user recently sent me this inquiry:

As I’m navigating through resources, I notice hash marks in the scroll bar area. What are they? Can I hide them?

Officially they’re called Auto Bookmarks and, yes, they may be hidden.

Think of the Auto Bookmarks as the “dog ears” we make on pages in print editions. We dog ear a page so we can easily return to it. Logos automatically dog ears locations for us in our resources. These dog ears or Auto Bookmarks are basically the recent history in a resource.

For Example:

  • Open your preferred Bible
  • Notice the hash marks in the scroll bar area (A)


  • Rest the cursor on a hash mark to preview a previous location you’ve visited in the Bible (B)


  • Click the hash mark to jump to the location (C)


To hide Auto Bookmarks:

  • Chose Tools | Program Settings (D)
  • Set Show Auto and Favorite Bookmarks in the General section to No (E)


Please note, selecting No does not erase the Auto Bookmarks, but merely hides them(F). In the future, if you select Yes, all of the previous Auto Bookmarks will return.


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  1. I've been frustrated by those marks in Bible texts because they don't align with chapters or the beginnings of books, as I expected them to. And I frequently want to click on the scroll bar to back up one page only to inadvertently hit one of those marks and end up someplace completely unexpected. It is good to know that they are not just there at random (as it appeared) and to know that I can remove them. In a book I read sequentially, this kind of tool would make sense. But in a Bible text that I read non-sequentially they are not helpful. At least not in my experience. It would be good to have an option to turn them off on a per-book basis rather than all or nothing.

  2. Greg Rose says:

    There can get to be so many of those it’s bewildering. Are they cumulative in that every time you do a search or open the resource then additional bookmarks are added but never removed? Is there a way to reset them so they aren’t there at all or are they automatically reset every time you do a new search? Is there a way to move from one bookmark to the next sequentially via a shortcut key?
    Thanks for your help.
    Greg Rose

  3. This is just amazing to me as a new Logos 6 participants and I am still learning a lot from the Bible verses, the historical sites and difference bible translation. What amazing and thrills me all the videos I've watched so far I never watch before and it gives me great opportunity and am glad to be member of Logos. I am still learning and will continue to learn from these wonderful presentations. I wish that I know how to present the basic Logos presentation of bible sermons. Thank You.