Get 50% Off Baker Books: This Week Only!

ephesians-an-exegetical-commentaryEvery day, you can get 50% off a Logos resource through our Twitter daily deals.

This week, we’re partnering with Baker Publishing Group to offer 50% off six valuable titles. You’ll find commentaries, an Old Testament survey, an apologetics resource, and more. But these deals will each only last 24 hours!

Make sure you don’t miss these deals:

  1. Follow us on Twitter @Logos.
  2. Each day, look for #DailyDeal for a Twitter-only offer.
  3. Click the tweet’s hyperlink, and use the provided coupon code at checkout to get 50% off!

Today only, you can get 50% off Ephesians: An Exegetical Commentary! To get your coupon code, just follow us on Twitter and find today’s #DailyDeal tweet.

Follow @Logos on Twitter now, and if you see a deal your friends might like, retweet it to spread the savings!


  1. I don't want to go on Twitter. I have enough internet clutter as it is. This should be made available to everyone.

  2. Great sale! I’ve been waiting for Hoehner to go on sale. Thanks Logos and Baker!

  3. Ian Carmichael says

    Exactly my sentiments – which I've expressed to this mob many times before.

  4. Ian Carmichael says

    And I think the same for those 'phone-only' offers. Nope. Not for Australia, folks.

  5. Scott Weber says

    Calm down folks. No one is demanding you go to Twitter. If you want the book at half price, do it. If you don't like Twitter, don't do it.

  6. Francis Rouvinez says

    I believe that it is partially their intent that you advertise for them by featuring them on your social media networks. The special deals are incentives.

  7. Ian Carmichael says

    Francis Rouvinez Not for me!

  8. Scott, I disagree with you my friend, you say that, “No-one is demanding that we go on twitter.” I’m sorry, but yes, they are. You either go on twitter or miss out. Much as it hurts, I’m going to dip out, I do not like twitter one teensy weensy little bit. So that means that some people who may well consider themselves loyal Logos customers either succumb to duress or suffer a selective penalty. Not very nice in my opinion….

  9. Francis Rouvinez says

    You don't need a Twitter or Facebook account to access the deals! They are here:

    For Twitter:

    For Facebook:

    • I went to the Twitter link and didn’t like the format, so I’m passing on these kinds of offers. Too bad, Logos.

  10. I don't want to go on twitter either