Free Desktop Training: Learn from the Logos Pros!

LogosPro_blogI’m Todd, one of the Logos Pros at Faithlife. I’m part of a team of expert Logos trainers whose goal it is to educate and empower you with Logos Bible Software so that you can do better Bible study.

I’m excited to announce that Logos is offering free training for the desktop app. Each week, we’ll walk you through a new video tutorial from one of the Logos Pros teaching you how to master Logos’ tools and resources. You’ll learn to navigate lexicons in Logos, use the Passage Guide for in-depth research, consult cross-references in ancient literature, and much more.

Check back here every week for a new video! Or, get these videos delivered straight to your inbox—sign up for weekly email updates with free training:

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We want to learn from you, too! Share your favorite Logos tips or any questions you might have by shooting us an email at or leaving them in the comments below.


  1. I'd like the videos to show up in my application rather than my inbox … by subscription only, of course.

    • Pam Bauthues says

      Hi Martha—if you turn on the Logos blog in your desktop’s homepage, you’ll also get these training videos there! They’ll be available on the blog as well as via email, so it’s up to you how you want to receive them.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Jeffrey Cheryl Visser says

    Maybe they can develop something so you can view your email within logos.. :) Maybe add timeline features to the search capability…… That way the only tool you would need would be logos. ;)

  3. John Maddocks says

    When will this begin?

    • Pam Bauthues says

      It will be once a week beginning next week—you can get the videos here on the Logos blog, or sign up for the emails and get them in your inbox!

  4. I would like the old E-Bible, Discover Edition, to be supported by Logos.That is simple and complete for me (88yrs young and a novice) It is all I want and should be available even now. thanks!