Now on Pre-Pub: Logos 6 Training Manuals

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The Logos 6 Training Manuals were recently added to Pre-Pub. Take advantage of the best price by pre-ordering them now!

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get with each training manual:

Logos Training Manual: Volume 1

Pre-order it for $24.95 + get free shipping in the US

Volume 1 covers the new features you need to know to jump-start your mastery of Logos 6. Learn shortcuts that get you deeper into the Word, and utilize time-saving features you never knew about. Pre-order volume 1 today for an overview of all of Logos 6’s features.

Logos Training Manual: Volume 2

Pre-order it for $24.95 + get free shipping in the US

Volume 2 starts off with 38 sections that will help you unleash the power of Logos 6. Morris Proctor shows you how to utilize new shortcuts that will help you gain fresh insights into the Word and take advantage of Logos’ powerful tools. Pre-order volume 2 today for an in-depth look on how to operate Logos 6.

Logos Training Manual: Volumes 1 and 2

Pre-order both for $39.95 + get free shipping in the US

Volumes 1 and 2 comprise 572 pages and represent the ultimate reference material for your Logos studies. Both come with an in-depth table of contents and a helpful index. Morris Proctor’s Logos 6 training manuals will teach you everything you need to know to get started with Logos 6. Pre-order both volumes for just $39.95, and use them as a complete and full reference for your questions.

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Save valuable time and make the most of your Bible study: pre-order the Logos 6 Training Manual today!


  1. Glenda Gabbard says

    Aare these actual paper manuals or do you download them

  2. Glenda Gabbard says

    Aare these actual paper manuals or do you download them

  3. Rev. Dorian Parker says

    I hesitate to purchase training manuals as they tend to be just enough to not assist one to use the software efficiently and effectively.
    If one cannot afford the camps … is there a way of affordably acquiring training for Logos software?
    If not, please advise …

  4. Ian Carmichael says

    Now, if these were downloads – as they should be, I’d be interested. But since the price is doubled because of shipping they are really unhelpful to non-US customers.

  5. Glenda, These are very nice Spiral Bound Paperbacks (I have the Logos 5 versions)