Logos Bible App: The Best App for Bible Study


In November 2009, we released the Logos iPhone app, and by 2011, it was joined by the Android version. Over the last five and a half years, our developers have made huge strides in creating apps that allow you to take your Bible study to the next level.

If you don’t already have it, download the Logos Bible app for iOS or Android today!

Take your library anywhere

Loaded with smart tools that help you explore important ideas on the go, the Logos Bible app gives you the best in mobile Bible study. You can sync your notes across all devices and discover biblical insights with one touch. You can also grow your library with the all-new Tablet Bundle—eight classics specifically selected for reading on your mobile device.

The best Bible study app

Whether you use an iOS or Android device, we are confident that you will love the Logos Bible app! Our users’ triumphs become our inspiration for developing the best app for Bible study.

Here’s what a few of you have said recently:


I’m 71 1/2 years old and November of 2013 was my first introduction to a tablet. Hallelujah! I love it! Who said they can’t teach an old dog new tricks? The Logos Bible app is awesome! Everything you need for a comprehensive Bible study. I’m amazed at the technology God has allowed us to have. It takes me a little longer to get familiar with the different tools, but once I get it I’m gone with the wind! . . .

Greatest all-inclusive mobile seminary!

I have been a Logos user for nearly 20 years now and they keep getting better! What I love most about the Android app is that I can download my entire library on all my devices and laptops. Whether I am in church, at work, in my study, or at work, the powerful and portable seminary is with me! The engineers are always working hard at ensuring the latest patches and upgrades keep the tool up to date with the best data possible.

Amazing . . . most used app (study, teaching, learning)

The Logos app has reinvented the way I study. The seamless continuity throughout Logos on my Mac to my iPhone really helps. The fact that I can do a word study in seconds, look up teaching outlines and points on the fly, and have a library of Bibles and books all in my iPhone makes this the most powerful and useful app, period. Only software (Logos for Mac and Logos app) I would consider for growing in my knowledge of Christ and bringing the message of Christ to others. It would be irresponsible not to use the tools and technology God has given us to more efficiently divide the Word of God, effectively present the gospel of Christ, and help others in their walk with Christ. This is the app.

Tell us your story

How have you used the Logos Bible app? Has it helped you dig deeper into the Word by uncovering original-language definitions or running a helpful Passage Guide to give insight into a specific verse? Has it helped you stay consistent in your Bible study? Whatever it is, we want to know!

Review your iOS app, or review your Android app.

Help us make the app even better

We’re constantly improving the Logos Bible app so you can have an enjoyable and seamless experience. If you have any suggestions, please let us know! Simply post them to our Logos Mobile Apps UserVoice site. This the best way to let our development team know what’s important to you!


  1. Its nice to see the continuing development of the apps. However, here we are 6 and 4 years later and there still isn’t an app for Windows Phone.

    How long, Logos, how long?

    • Katie Monsma says

      Hi Ken, we are working to make this possible for you! But we need your help funding the development of the windows app, feel free to place a bid and when we hit 100% we will begin development!

      Check it out: https://www.logos.com/product/50060/windows-universal-bible-app

      • Thanks Katie, I have put in a bid, quite some time ago. Still disappointed though that Logos is taking so long. Laridian Pocket Bible have a basic but very useful app for Windows phone and tablet which I use. I find it hard to understand why Logos is so much on the back foot about this. I keep pestering Logos about it because I have a couple of thousand dollars invested in Logos on my desktop that I can’t afford to walk away from.

  2. It's a great app but i can't get it to work on my phone.

  3. Dr Jim Horschler says

    Window phones Don’t work on moble apps.

  4. Windows Phone, Please!

  5. great app… probably the most used app on my iPad. One feature that is significantly lacking is the ability to sync prayer lists from the desktop to mobile. I rarely pray (for extended periods) at my desk. Would love to have that feature on the go.

  6. I agree that the Logos Bible software is the best study platform available. I have been using it for many years on my Windows computers & laptops…But, where is the mobile platform for Windows phone. There is surely a loyal user base waiting…impatiently ;-)

  7. I disagree completely that…”the Logos Bible app gives you the best in mobile Bible study.” It ha less functionality the Olive Tree Bible software offline. When you are offline, it is nothing more then a bible reader at best.

  8. Say I found out 2 weeks ago – yes I am a slacker for waiting this long to share the news – that a college in Vancouver is handing out Window Surface Pros to the students starting next year and will have all their books on it. So, I did put a bid to support Logos on Windows 8. Wouldn't it be nice to offer Logos KJV and a commentary as an option. My daughter works there and uses something called UBible. It reads the scriptures. I thought Windows 8 was retreating but I guess not – at least in my area.