Jeff Struecker: From Black Hawk Down to Army Chaplain and Author

In a recent episode of the Mobile Ed Conversations podcast, former US Army chaplain Jeff Struecker discussed his journey in the Army Rangers and the call to ministry he received the day after he was involved in the battle that the film Black Hawk Down is based on. His two-course Chaplaincy Bundle is now available on Pre-Pub.

Get training on the chaplaincy

jeff-strueckerIf you’re thinking about becoming a chaplain or want to gain new skills and theological training from an on-the-ground perspective, consider Struecker’s two-course Chaplaincy Bundle from Logos Mobile Ed.

In these courses, you’ll learn about the unique role of a chaplain and how to minister to those around you most effectively. Struecker draws from both the truth of Scripture and the reality of his experiences on the battlefield. He also shows you how an incarnational ministry can start—even if you’re the only Christian around—and how it can be sustained.

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  1. Dave Johnson says

    Thank You Jeff Struecker, I came across your story while in Iraq as a contractor for INL. The Chaplaincy always provided Spiritual support while deployed. Thank You and your Brother’s in Chaplain Corps!
    I have been settling a call to ministry while trying to see what sort of ministry I may serve in. The doors that creak open are the most noticeable I think! In the interview you spoke about writing a book to reach un-churched men and writing a genre that delivers the message and men will read it! How quaint; just a week ago I contacted WestBow press about writing such a book!
    Briefly it interest me to know that a Chaplain isn’t necessarily a Military Chaplain. Briefly, maybe your courses can help me along the way. When I was deployed (Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan) I faced a strong majority of not only un-churched men but anti-Christian men. Kindness turns away wrath, amen\o/\o/\o/
    Thanks again
    Dave Johnson