Dr. Bryan Chapell on Preaching with a Central Theme

It’s easier to catch a baseball than a handful of sand.

Dr. Bryan Chapell uses this example in his new Mobile Ed courses to illustrate the importance of keeping a unified theme in your sermons, rather than presenting a handful of scattered ideas. It’s not enough to have weighty content; you must tie it all together into a cohesive message. If you don’t, your listeners will probably miss what you are trying to communicate.

This is just one of the many insights you’ll glean from Mobile Ed’s two-course Bryan Chapell Preaching Bundle.

mobile-ed-bryan-chapell-preaching-bundleDr. Chapell is a well-known pastor and speaker, and he’s the author of Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon. In these two courses, Dr. Chapell walks you through the process of preparing and delivering expository sermons.

In CM151 Preparing and Delivering Christ-Centered Sermons I: Foundations and Structures, he begins by discussing the power of God’s Word and the importance of unity, purpose, and application in your sermons. He then provides step-by-step guidance on how to prepare an expository sermon, from selecting and analyzing texts to developing main points with divisions and illustrations that support these points.

In CM152 Preparing and Delivering Christ-Centered Sermons II: Communicating a Theology of Grace, he emphasizes the importance of redemptive messages. Dr. Chapell shows how the grace of God in Jesus Christ permeates the entire Bible and shows you how to keep this redemptive grace front and center in your sermons.

These two Mobile Ed courses provide you with a unique opportunity to enhance your sermons and learn from one of the very best instructors on preaching. You’ll be better prepared to preach through all genres of the Bible and better equipped to develop the key aspects of your sermon that will make your main point of application more memorable.

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    Hi Faithlife [Logos] or the other way round – I am just waiting for my upgrade of my upgrade to load!!
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    • Feel exactly the same Hard sell is very overt. really concerned me that in such a short time we had 5 and then 6 come out. Logos is a great product and has helped me alot but not everyone can afford to spend that much money over and over as upgrades come out. I just feel that people that have been loyal customers should get big discounts.