Pre-order Your Digital Logos 6 Training Manual

Logos 6: What's New?Now’s the time to pre-order the digital version of the Logos 6: What’s New? training manual. Get it for just $14.95—it’s a deal you won’t want to pass up!

Pre-Pub lets you take advantage of a product’s best price by pre-ordering it before it’s produced. Once the resource is produced, regular pricing kicks in, but you’ll get the lower price you locked in with your pre-order.

Learn from Morris Proctor

Logos 6: What’s New? is written by Morris Proctor—certified and authorized Logos Bible Software trainer. He has been a pastor and expository teacher for more than 20 years. Logos Bible Software revolutionized his personal study, and he’s devoted his company, MP Seminars, to teaching others how to do the same. His vision is to help all Logos users have the ability to realize Logos’ full potential.

Proctor is practiced in explaining and teaching Logos. He has written several training manuals, conducted training seminars, and led Logos demonstrations around the country. He has trained hundreds of users—including pastors, Christian educators, military chaplains, professors, and students alike.

Add the manual to your Logos library

Logos 6: What’s New? walks you through Logos 6’s changes and new features step by step. Plus, you can use the digital manual side by side with your software and follow along!

The digital manual includes:

  • Easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions
  • Numerous screenshots illustrating written explanations
  • Tours of all the new Logos 6 features
  • Explanations of changes from Logos 5

This manual will help you save time trying to understand all of Logos 6’s enhancements, and instead find the answers you need so you can get the most out of your Bible study.

Also be sure you check out the Logos 6: What’s New? Video Training. This training is a comprehensive video series loaded with more than eight hours of content and 175 videos. These videos were created to help users fully (and visually) understand Logos 6’s new tools.

Pre-order your digital copy of Logos 6:What’s New? today!


  1. Benjamen S. Long says

    I do not want to pay for a "user manual". It should be INCLUDED with the software; especially after paying as much as we have for it…!

  2. Benjamen S. Long says

    Indeed, I use it extensively, and have taught the "basics" to a few of my fellow Seminarians. I've recommended all along that they NOT purchase a users manual; especially after plunking down as much as we do, and for some, every month (payment plans)..

  3. After spending the money to up grade, why should I pay 15 bucks for another manual…it should be sent as an incentive and premium for upgraders….I have 4 manuals for the previous versions and frankly they weren't worth the money. You put out a top grade product…send me something that explains how to use it better…and that just enhances your status and increases my usage and respect for you. Seems your marketing people could have come up with this.

  4. JW Bradley says

    As much as I love Logos Bible Software, I agree that the manual should be something that is included with the software.

  5. I concur with my fellow Logos software users, in regards to paying extra for a training manual.
    When one buys a new device or go to a electronics store, user/training manuals are included with the product. C'mom Logos, send the training manual out or lower the price to $5.00

  6. I agree that it should be included in the package.
    The manual as it stands cannot be downloaded and for me to purchase a copy would cost $15 but the postage would be over $50.

  7. Clint Scott says

    I agree with the Facebook comments above. Many of us have spent hundreds and thousands on upgrading to Logos 6 (as many did with Logos 5 and 4…. and all the bundles in between).

    This really should be included as part of the purchase of a base package. I work in IT and in particular I focus on training, user journey management, user acceptance testing and analysis… we always provide free, detailed user manuals for the bespoke software we produce and support.

    I do think Faithlife need to broker a better deal for their customers with MP Seminars so the manual can be included free of charge or they should create their own in house manual and ship it with the software, then those wanting the MP Seminars brand can choose to invest in it if they wish.

  8. Bill Hardecker says

    I am excited for this. I cannot wait to dig in so that I may be more effective in my use of Logos 6.

  9. Mark Bundy says

    How does the manual differ from the on-line videos available for free?

  10. Margie Ayliff says

    As much as I love Logos Bible Software, I agree that the manual should be included with the software.

  11. Ab Meerbeek says

    Dear Logos management

    Is the Logos Software and the Logos management realy user-friendly? Why not bless your users with a free manual to make sure that every user get all the benefits of your user-friendly software? Trough the years I spend more than 10.000 dollar to grow my Bible-knowledge and also to let grow your company, together with all the other users….
    Please, start to bless them: your software teach: “it is more blessed to give than to receive”.

  12. Charging for a users manual is a total shakedown and frankly it is very disappointing to think that you guys would do such a thing. definitely not a good look for a reputable company. Its slimy like a preacher asking for money at a funeral.

  13. What business sells a product without a manual? Many of your customers are not as literate as my great grand son. However, I surely blessed to work logos 6. Thanks for listening.

  14. Paul Fiore says

    It appears from the comments that most users are disappointed with Logos “offering” a users manual for any price (I include myself). Although I do not begrudge Logos from making a profit on their products, after all they are a “FOR PROFIT” business, it seems they have forgotten their ministry to the Church at large.

    Can you (Logos) imagine the number of users who would benefit from the program if it were offered at a more reasonable price? Instead of only looking at the bottom line how about looking at the impact your products would have if more people we able to afford them!

    Maybe it’s time to re-think your corporate strategy and mission.

  15. I must concur. I have many thousands of dollars invested in Logos software a manual explaining the upgrade should be included. I invested in the DVD Logos 5 Training course so a manual that explains the upgrades should be included.

  16. Benjamen S. Long says

    This is certainly a poor representation of this fine software, having to PAY for a users manual; especially as we ALSO receive FREQUENT reminders to purchase more (datasets), or "pre-pubs". Sadly, NO ONE at the corporate HQ is listening to these complaints…!!!

  17. I can understand all the comments about all the costs but still feel very blessed that this is available. I know Logos is a business and needs to make a profit to stay afloat and unless all employees are paid we would not have the extremely high standards, again and again with each upgrade.

    Thank you to all at Logos for the outstanding effort and long hours put in to make Logos 6 priceless.

    GOD bless

  18. Benjamin Camacho says

    I too concur with my fellow Logos software users, in regards to paying extra for a training manual.
    When one buys a new device or go to a electronics store, user/training manuals are included with the product. C’mom Logos, send the training base manual or a upgraded manual with extras at a cost.

  19. I should not have to pay for a user manual –

  20. Hamilton Ramos says

    God bless all L6 users:
    from my limited experience, very seldom do the manuals in other type of software give the “best procedures guide”. Many times a book has to be bought to get the cream from an expert.
    Before adding myself to the complaining group, I would like to know what Christian social responsibility initiatives (other than give away a laptop and provide one scholarship) has the company done.
    Maybe we are complaining about price, when maybe they have outreach, church planting, support of missionaries abroad programs, that would then make me understand that my contribution as faithful user, has some eternal value beyond.
    Bye, brotherly love to all true sheep of God.

  21. Morris is not a Logos employee. He makes a living off of this. And does a mighty fine job. Glad this is digital. I have also ordered the third-party learn logos. But my remaining question was posed above–how do the prepub ideas differ from current free training?

  22. Tim Elliott says

    So… if I understand this right, this manual is only for the changes? If I have not bought previous manuals what would I need for a complete set? At what cost?