Logos 6: Locate Verses for a Character Study

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

A character study is a very rewarding type of Bible study. A character study is finding all mentions of a person in the Bible and then examining the characteristics of his or her life.

The challenge to this method of research is locating all biblical references to a person! That challenge just got easier with Logos 6. Let’s imagine we want to investigate Barnabas throughout the New Testament. Our research begins with listing of all mentions of the man. Try this:

  • Open a Bible, like the ESV
  • Navigate to a passage of Scripture which mentions the man Barnabas, such as Acts 4:36 (A)
  • Right click on a word referring to Barnabas, such as Joseph—his real name (B)
  • Select from the content menu Barnabas Person (C)
  • Select a search option, such as Search this resource (inline) (D)


  • Notice only the verses referencing Barnabas now appear in the resource panel (E)

morris-proctor-locate-verses-for-a-character-study-2 As you move through the Inline Search hits, you’ll see that Barnabas is not only referred to by name, but also as good man, apostlecompanion, and more.

We have just combined the referent dataset with a right-click Inline Search to quickly locate all the times a person is mentioned in the Bible. A thorough examination of these verses will now yield some encouraging insights about this man of God in the early church!

For more detailed information about working with Inline Search, as well as the rest of Logos 6’s new tools, check out these new Logos 6 training materials:

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  1. James Chandler says

    Nice timing. I just got assigned a character study for a class.

  2. Weldon Shuman says

    I have been a Logos user since 1995 when I used floppy’s as my software. I have upgraded several times, bought lots of additional books and have loved the software, but…just as all my other different software, I have always received a manual. Why do Logos not do the same? After spending so much money on the upgrade to Logos 6, I would expect some kind of help in understanding how to use the new features. Why do I have to pay more just to know how to operate the features in this new program? Why can’t you provide a digital copy with the upgrade?

    • Gerhard Kisslinger says

      I am with you on this! At least a basic manual would be great, if someone spends a lot of money already. It is like buying a camera – for more detailed instructions you can always buy a book, but the basic instruction is included in the price!

      • Gerhard Kisslinger says

        Sorry I have to correct myself now. I just have seen the free Logos training material, when I opened the upgrade to Logos 6. There is a real basic training available! Thank you Logos folks for providing that!