3 Ways to Get Logos 6

Logos 6 is powered by three major building blocks: the core engine, datasets and media, and a massive research library. Base packages have all three of these components, but they aren’t the only way for you to get Logos 6.

We’ve built a few other options so you can get the parts of Logos 6 that fit your needs without breaking your budget. Watch this video to check out your options:

Here are the three ways you can move to Logos 6:

ways-to-get-logos-6-upgrade-icons1. Upgrade

Grow your library and get Logos 6’s features

Logos 6 base packages offer a combination of value, features, and books. When you upgrade your base package to Gold or higher, you’ll get all of Logos 6’s features, datasets, media, and major components—plus tons of new books.

With a new base package, you’ll grow your library for pennies on the dollar, creating new connections between hand-tagged resources and making your library more powerful. This option is for the serious student of the Word, and it’s your best choice for getting richer, more insightful Bible study with Logos 6.

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ways-to-get-logos-6-crossgrade-icons2. Crossgrade

Get just the Logos 6 features

If you just need the key Logos 6 features and datasets without growing your library, you can choose a crossgrade option. Crossgrades allow you to power your existing library with the new Logos 6 features. If you already own a base package but want Logos 6’s smart research tools and functionality, this is a great option for you.

ways-to-get-logos-6-update-icons3. Update

Get the Logos 6 look and feel

If you don’t want a bigger library and don’t need access to the new datasets, you can wait for the free core engine to be released in early February. You’ll get the new Logos 6 look, but you’ll be missing almost all the new functionality and features.

To experience Logos 6 at its best, upgrade today!


  1. If I upgrade but already do have some of the resources listed in the upgrade, is the price discounted by the cost of the products already in my possession?

    Please advise.

    • Pam Bauthues says

      Hi Jan,

      Great question! If you already own products, you’ll get a discount based on the products’ price in that specific package. Since products bundled in base packages are already discounted, that’s the price used to calculate your Dynamic Price—it won’t be discounted the full regular of the individual product.

      If you have specific questions about your pricing, feel free to give us a call at 800-875-6467—we’d love to help!

  2. Jeremy Ridgell says

    I am a student currently in seminary without financial aid, I have many hardships that I have had to overcome to make it this far. I believe that God provides for those who seek to serve him, on appearance it may be a bit much but if there are some benevolent servants of God here that can help me obtain some bible software in my studies I would be forever grateful but I sincerely hope to repay the debt.

    Thank you and may God continue those who spread his Holy Word!!!