24 Perfect Stocking Stuffers for the Theologian in Your Family

stocking-stuffers-christmas-bannerStocking stuffers are just as important as any other gift you give at Christmas. That’s why we’ve taken 24 of your most wished-for resources and put them on sale. Get some of the best deals on the resources you’ve been eyeing all year.

Here are just five of the amazing stocking stuffers you can get this Christmas:

commentary-on-the-new-testament-use-of-the-old-testamentCommentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament

When studying the New Testament, you may encounter quotes or allusions from the Old Testament that are unfamiliar or obscure. In this resource, G.K. Beale and D.A. Carson have brought together a distinguished team of scholars to isolate, catalog, and comment on both the obvious Old Testament quotations and the more subtle allusions found in the New Testament. The result is a comprehensive commentary on the Old Testament references that appear from Matthew through Revelation.

a-new-testament-biblical-theology-the-unfolding-of-the-old-testament-in-the-newA New Testament Biblical Theology: The Unfolding of the Old Testament in the New

Whether you’re a student, scholar, pastor, or professor, A New Testament Biblical Theology provokes you to read the Bible honestly—to let it surprise, challenge, and correct you as you apply the many steps of interpretation. By using the tools included in A New Testament Biblical Theology, you’ll approach Bible study with a more in-depth understanding. Integrate the practical methods found in this resource with your preferred Bible, the Passage Guide, and the other Bible study tools in Logos Bible Software, then dive into Bible study with a vast knowledge base right before your eyes.

bible-study-magazine-philip-yanceyBible Study Magazine

Make your Bible study more effective, organized, and relevant. Bible Study Magazine shares tools and methods for Bible study, as well as insights from respected Bible teachers, professors, historians, and archaeologists. In every 48-page issue, you’ll get sound advice and enriching insights from the pastors and scholars who have spent a lifetime applying the Bible to their lives and teaching others how to do the same.

the-select-works-of-jonathan-edwardsThe Select Works of Jonathan Edwards (2 vols.)

In this resource, you can get The Select Works of Jonathan Edwards in two volumes—the same two-volume set that underlies both the Hendrickson and Banner of Truth editions. In addition to nearly 50 sermons and dozens of theological treatises, these volumes also contain Edwards’ memoirs, his discussion of revivals in New England, and his comprehensive history of redemption. This collection also includes the three works for which Edwards is most famous: A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections, The Life of David Brainerd, and his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”

the-reformation-study-bible-notesThe Reformation Study Bible Notes

Widely considered one of the best tools available for Bible study and previously the only study notes available in the New King James translation, The Reformation Study Bible has been updated for compatibility with the readable English Standard Version. This foundational resource features thousands of in-depth study notes, 96 theological articles, 19 in-text maps, and 12 charts to help you better understand the Bible.

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