Build Better Sermons, Faster: 3 Ways Logos 6 Makes It Easier

logos-6-better-sermons-headerLogos 6 solves some of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks facing today’s pastors. Things like late-night sermon prep, uncertainty in your findings, and a lack of resources may be ubiquitous in a pastor’s life, but they don’t have to be.

With Logos 6, we pinpointed the top obstacles pastors face and created new tools to specifically alleviate those obstacles, so you can spend less time buried in tedious tasks and more time discipling others.

Here are three ways Logos 6 equips pastors to uncover and share new insights in a fraction of the time:

1. Create beautiful presentations—faster

logos-6-better-sermons-visual-copyLogos 6 has only been out for a few weeks, but pastors are loving Visual Copy. This new tool helps you build presentations from within your software, so if you come across an image or quote that’s particularly compelling, you can instantly add it to your presentation. Simply right click the text or image and quickly convert it into a perfectly formatted slide. With a click, send this slide to PowerPoint, Proclaim, or your social networks.

Logos 6 also comes loaded with hundreds of preaching and Bible-background slides that cover every book in the Bible and include beautiful artwork on the most popular preaching topics. We’ve also hand selected the best online images, so instead of wasting time image searching on the Internet and getting results completely unrelated to what you’re looking for, you can search for relevant online images within the software. For example, if you were to search “tabernacle” online, one of the top results would be a nightclub in Atlanta (which I doubt is what you’re preaching on). With new media and search tools, you get the exact imagery you need, when you need it.

Engage your audience and save yourself the stress of last-minute presentations with Visual Copy, Media Search, and new Media Collections.

To enjoy all of Logos 6’s new Media Collections, get Logos 6 Silver or higher.

2. Get instant information on every Scripture-related topic

logos-6-better-sermons-everything-searchNo matter what you’re preaching on (or if you can’t decide what to preach on), Logos 6 has the answers you need.

You can start with a verse, topic, person, place—anything—and look it up with Everything Search. This new tool sweeps through your entire library and returns everything you need to start your sermon: Bible references, library resources, media, Atlas maps, dictionary links, and more. Everything Search brings together all of your advanced search tools, saving you time and taking the guesswork out of your research.

If you want more focused results, use Factbook. Search any biblical person, place, event, concept, or book in the Bible, and like a massive encyclopedia, Factbook brings together all the information you need. Search a person like John Calvin, and get a short biography, famous quotes, links to key works, and Timeline events. Search any book in the Bible and get beautiful Bible-verse art, content overviews, key events, outlines, authorship and historical data, themes, and more. With Factbook, you can spend less time trying to determine which resources to use, and more time preparing your message.

Having some serious sermon block? Just start entering a query, like “prayer,” “John,” or “Bethlehem,” and you’ll get relevant recommended search suggestions that could trigger new ideas.

Logos 6 simplifies your study process, so you always know where to start your next sermon and always have fresh material to challenge yourself and your congregation.

To find answers faster with Everything Search and Factbook, get Logos 6 Bronze or higher.

3. Better understand biblical nuances and cultural practices

logos-6-better-sermons-cultural-conceptsYour congregation is counting on your biblical knowledge, which means it’s up to you to understand biblical nuances and culture (no matter how obscure). Without this knowledge, you can’t effectively analyze biblical imagery and word choice and communicate its meaning to others. Something that may seem benign to the modern reader may have meant the world to the biblical author. That’s why Logos 6 comes loaded with new contextual tools.

With the new Cultural Concepts tool, you can reveal cultural concepts—like music, food, birth and death practices, and economic structures—expressed in the Bible. Search any verse in your Passage Guide or right click on a text selection in your Bible, and Cultural Concepts displays the cultural practices and themes represented in the text. From there, you can see other places where this concept occurs, other names it’s referred to as, and ancient texts that address the same concept.

Logos 6’s Ancient Literature tool also empowers you to explore the literature surrounding the Bible, so you can dig into comparative texts and see how later Christian and Jewish traditions interpreted Scripture. Search a verse in your Passage Guide and see all the ancient literature that relates to that verse. In seconds, find connections between Scripture and the Talmud, Mishna, and Judaic literature, as well as works by the Apostolic Fathers, Philo, and others. This tool isn’t just based on Bible references, though—in addition to linking to primary texts that quote Scripture, it also lists resources that allude to the Bible, that cite it, and that share the same historical period, themes, and lexicon.

With new tools like Cultural Concepts and Ancient Literature—along with Atlas, Timeline, and Interactive Media—you can explore the biblical world like never before and gain a concrete understanding of the Bible’s cultural perspectives.

To explore Cultural Concepts and Ancient Literature, get Logos 6 Silver or higher.

Get Logos 6 today!

With Logos 6, you can save time, be confident in your findings, and get excited to share incredible insights with your congregation.

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  1. Bruno Picard says:

    Hi I have Logos5 and I have bought the crossgrade.. would i need to buy logos 6?

    • Sherri Huleatt says:

      Hi Bruno,

      All of the tools mentioned above are included in our Logos 6 Crossgrade options, so you should be set! The benefit to purchasing a Logos 6 base package is that you’d get new resources to supplement your new tools. If you’re happy with your Logos 5 library, though, Crossgrade options are the way to go!


  2. Steve Spence says:

    One of the things that I had hoped that the timeline would do was display the filtered results in chronological order from top to bottom. The timeline display is so unorganized, that it is hard to use.

  3. simple and good tools for sermons.
    need more ways to prepare sermons including Bible study ^^

  4. Brent Dawes says:

    I like the new Logos 6 and its many features, but almost every time I load up Logos 6 there is an update which needs to be downloaded before you can begin. Then when the download finishes you have wait for it to index. I propose that instead of having daily updates, postpone the updates and make it one day week when all the updates can be installed together. This would save time and enable Logos 6 access quickly when needed.

    • Steve Spence says:

      I believe that you can turn automatic updates off. I think the control is found in settings. And there is a way to make an icon that allows you to update when you want to.

  5. The new tools are very useful. Now the struggle is to not become lazy and allow the software to do all the work with out guidance from the Spirit of GOD.

  6. John Brown says:

    This new version is so helpful! I had a Silver package back about 7years ago and I never really benefited much from it. But now I have already witnessed the improvements to my own research and preparation. Not to mention the time factor!!

  7. John Brown says:

    This new version is so helpful! I had a Silver package back about 7years ago and I never really benefited much from it. But now I have already witnessed the improvements to my own research and preparation. Not to mention the time factor!!

  8. This is a fantastic sermon preparation tool! I use it regularly, and recommend it to any pastor or teacher. Lay persons can greatly benefit from it as well!

  9. Eric Miller says:

    The new tools are very helpful to us lay teacher’s especially in the area of interpreting the original author’s intent, and then making that relevant to today. It also makes it much easier to pass along the results of our studies to others.

    I have always enjoyed using Logo’s, but I have to say, Logo’s 6 has knocked it out of the park. Thank you very much everyone at Logo’s for all your hard work and dedication.

  10. With this vast array of new tools, now I am able to do in-depth study of the word and share my findings.