Logos 6: Real Tools for Real People

Logos-6-Sean-Eli-300x300Logos 6 is the most exciting, innovative software we’ve ever created. It boasts more coherent and centralized information than ever before, offers dozens of interactive and visual tools to give you new ways to learn, and helps you share your insights in engaging ways.

We had Eli Evans, interaction designer; Sean Boisen, director of content innovation; and Phil Gons, director of marketing weigh in on their favorite aspects of Logos 6—see what they’re most excited about and why they think Logos 6 will revolutionize your Bible study:

With Logos 6, you can work efficiently. Search right within your text, and gather the most relevant information in a fraction of the time.

Build your presentation slides as you research to seamlessly incorporate your insights into eye-catching images. And generate detailed overviews of biblical people, places, things, and cultural concepts in seconds.

You’ll also get an entirely new lineup of resources. We started fresh and built each base package from the ground up, so you’ll get a library that was specifically designed and optimized for your Bible study. These new libraries include new types of resources, too, like sermon archives, scholarly journals, and ancient texts. Go deeper in the biblical text with a well-rounded variety of sources and pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.

A pastor, a parent, a small group leader, a writer—whatever your role, insights await you in Logos 6.

Start doing more impactful work today: visit Logos.com/BasePackages to find the perfect base package for you.


  1. What happens with version 5?

    • If it’s anything like the last go around they’ll release an “engine” upgrade for those of us who will not be upgrading our current packages.

      • Pam Bauthues says

        Hi Paul and Dave—version 5 will still run for a long time, so don’t worry about your software no longer being able to serve you. We’ll also release the free Logos 6 engine in February, so you’ll have the chance to get that as well. However, check out our Logos 6 base packages in the meantime—they offer a lot of value in both new tools and resources! Feel free to give us a call at 800-875-6467 if you have any questions.

  2. Fanie Minne says

    It all sounds great but Logos has lost touch with the reality of the South African and in fact the entire african market. This is not about helping pastors, it’s all about the money. Sorry guys it looks great but you put it out of reach of a large segment of the market whose annual salary is less than what you are asking at the discounted price.

    This call / plea seems to simply fall on deaf ears!

    Would have loved 5, would love 6, but it will have to remain for the people who run the bigger churches.

  3. I love Logos! I have been to camp Logos in Houston, I order additional resources, I upgraded to Logos 5. I use this in my sermon prep and personal time and I have recommended to others, but this is starting to seem less and less ethical and more like a worldly money making scheme! they know you have to upgrade to keep up with the technology and so the support is there and the techs know what your talking about because if you have version 4 your going to be told you should really upgrade. Once you have spent so much money and already own the product and have a licence # , perhaps the upgrades should be free. starting to get ridiculous!

  4. I love Logos! I have been to camp Logos in Houston, I order additional resources, I upgraded to Logos 5. I use this in my sermon prep and personal time and I have recommended to others, but this is starting to seem less and less ethical and more like a worldly money making scheme! they know you have to upgrade to keep up with the technology and so the support is there and the techs know what your talking about because if you have version 4 your going to be told you should really upgrade. Once you have spent so much money and already own the product and have a licence # , perhaps the upgrades should be free. starting to get ridiculous!

    • Pam Bauthues says

      Hi Nick—thanks for sharing your concerns. We will be offering the free engine in February, so stay tuned! When that’s available, you can get the core engine for free, though you’ll need to crossgrade or upgrade if you want Logos 6’s new tools, datasets, and resources.

  5. Kent M. Whitney says

    Hi Folks,

    Well, I just got off the hook with Todd Cullip, my personal Sales Rep and Brother in the Lord @ Logos! I elected to make the Logos 6-Diamond Up-Grade to my Logos 5-Diamond program. Years back, while serving in the US Navy, I started out with the Standard Base Package in Logos-3 and a few resources, including as many Bibles as were available in those days and kept going from there. Yes, I have had a few gripes about the cost and hammered Logos about the cost of support & training materials to better use this awesome system more efficiently and I believe they are working on that end to benefit us all in the end.

    Back when Logos-5 launched, I hung back a bit until I discovered that this was the best tool on this planet to study and to learn about our God and Father, Jesus Christ His Son and our wonderful Teacher & Comforter, the Holy Spirit! That said, Todd shared with me about this Logos investment I have undertaken and turned on a light that renewed the energy I had about my investment over the years…, and that was that “I could Will this entire investment to my Grandsons when the Lord called me home. I believe this to be the finest “Treasure” I could ever leave them!!

    I don’t know about you folks, but leaving my children something this valuable and powerful to help them grow in our Lord, is beyond cost. Contact Todd at Logos and ask about this feature, give him the names and contact information for your account with the instructions to do this wonderful thing. Tell Todd that Kent Whitney sent you to him to ask about doing this marvelous thing!!

    That alone takes all the “GRIPE FACTOR” out of the Logos cost equation for me… :-)

    God Bless you all and many Blessing from our Lord all over you and your families…


    Kent M. Whitney
    Master Chief, US Navy EOD/CB, Retired

  6. Allen Schrock says

    I have very much enjoyed Logos software for sermon preparation and personal study and I’ve been to 3 of Morris Proctors classes as well as spending quite a bit of money over the years to buy books, upgrade to another level etc., and quite frankly this whole, trying to get your money thing, is getting very old.

    • I agree; most of us have a “book allowance” so why not invest in your biblical research tools? I’ve had my share of gripes over the years too; (too much emphasis in public domain and simplistic tools within Logos), but it’s still the best biblical research tool out there and when the public domain stuff is hidden from view and sized down to tools you actually use…. Logos is a heck of a product! :-)

  7. I agree with other comments $181 for a bronze version upgrade without extra resources seems a bit steep to me, when I have already spent $550 over time. I love Logos and recommend to others but this is beginning to make me think twice.

    • Do you know, I have had a change of heart upon reading comments. I suddenly realised how much I get for free from Logos, with monthly books etc. I guess my concerns were not so much about the value of the product itself, more about my ability to afford it, which is not the fault of Logos. I guess I need to tackle this as I would any purchase, and cut out something else if I think it’s a good use of God’s resource. Which upon reflection is probably is.

      Thanks guys.

      • KENT M. WHITNEY says


        Me too, I have been there and done that, so to speak! LOL… Anyway, when we lean on the Lord, and “Listen to His answer, He always provides”, the ole’ light bulbs comes on! As I stated above in my first comments, being able to pass this investment on to my Grandsons was a tremendous opportunity and I grabbed onto it. Many investments in life die when the Lord calls us home but my Logos investment will live on and that makes me happy…


        R/ Kent

  8. KENT M. WHITNEY says

    Hello Again Folks…

    Weighing heavy on my heart…

    I have been reading many posts about the new Logos-6 and the cost being, Very High, Not Affordable Any More, Scam, Logos Is Out Of Touch, Trying To Get Your Money Thing, Money Making Scheme, Upgrades Should Be Free, etc., etc.! All that was said about Logos-3, 4 and 5 in the past, also!

    I have a few questions about some of your comments here. 1. What Company or Business could survive today by doing everything they do for “FREE”? 2. The cost for Upgrades, Improvements and Functionality is expensive and costs along with profit need to be a part of the growth equation and again, what company could survive, expand and grow by doing it all for “FREE”? 3. Would we ask Logos to do what we ourselves could not do without and that is to earn a proper wage for a good days work?

    Yes, money and prosperity are a big deal these days and the Lord says, “Proper Stewardship is each of our responsibilities.” Yes, we all have an opinion and that is what this forum is all about, and I for one feel you all make comments in a way that expresses your frustration with worldly business functions, Service, Product Production, Expenses, Profit & Losses, Growth & Failure… It is not all about the “Big Bucks in the end, It is about our God, learning about Him and doing His Will! Yes, we can learn it all from one Book, the Christian Bible, we need nothing else! To expand our understanding in these days, we are driven to study and to try to understand everything in the fullest of details, search the Word to show ourselves approved by our Lord… Logos products are a huge undertaking and I believe their (Logos) vision is to help up get all that we can to help show ourselves approved. Thank You Logos, for your vision!

    I, for one, Pray that Logos is a world wide success and that the Lord prospers them beyond measure and that the Lord guides them along the way with valuable “Christian Principles” and that being that business model for others to emulate!


    God Bless You All, and Keep You Safe!


    Kent M. Whitney
    Master Chief, US Navy EOD/CB, Retired

  9. Tesfaye Haile says

    I became a Logos user since 1997. I spent quiet a lot of money to purchase Logos. The help desk and the benefits that I am getting from Logos is incredible. Even if the price of the upgrade is expensive our evaluation of the marketing of Logos must be seen and judged in light of the amount of time and energy developers are spending to give us get the best that modern technology offers for our study. They must be paid and compensated for their work. Upgrade without cost is unreasonable for me. The money that I spent for the upgrade is worth the new features that I get from Logos 6.

  10. I agree with the comments above, i.e. Logos is getting to be all about money. I have invested a considerable amount in Logos and an extensive library, now it appears I need to buy another library just to upgrade to Logos 6. I don’t need two libraries, don’t need more books except perhaps a specific one that meets a new need. One of the comments above says Logos plans to offer a free Logos 6 in February…well if so, tell people that now in your marketing materials! The only reason you won’t is to get people to spend money now for what will be free in a few months. That’s just not ethical. And, Kent, of course, we can pass on what we have purchased to our grandkids but it looks like it won’t be current or supported at this rate without a substantial cost.

    I have been a supporter of Logos for many years and regularly upgraded and added to my library, I have always trusted Logos. It is very hard to figure out what Logos is doing even after reading the materials…but it doesn’t smell right.

    • Pam Bauthues says

      Hi Jim—thanks for your feedback. For users who don’t want more books, the crossgrade options and the free engine are the best options. With crossgrades, you get new tools and datasets, which you don’t get with the free core engine. The core engine will always be free, but it doesn’t include all the amazing functionality you’ll get in crossgrades and base packages, and we want as many people as possible to experience the great study tools included in Logos 6. Hope that helps!

  11. Not so much upset about cost as I am about the number of unfinished resources already paid for in Logos 5 but not yet available. I am perplexed as to why they cannot complete an existing version but find the time and resources to develop a outstanding newer version. I still cannot get my software to do simple things like printout a handout or paste to power point..

    • KENT M. WHITNEY says

      HI Claude,

      Could you be more specific about what has not been completed in Logos-5 and paid for?? I am interested, and would be glad to hear from you about that specific issue!

      I know that just about every time I log-in to Logos I am getting an update, revision or added material and or resources. Could be you are not getting updated on a regular basis? If that is the case, I would contact Tech Support and ask that they look into it. Could be as simple as a push from them to get all back on track, :-)


  12. Dear Nick we all get frustrated with computer and software upgrades. But technology is always changing. Just because you bought a package a few years ago shouldn't guarantee that you get future upgrades for nothing. Who is going to pay for the technical support and the current developments? Someone has to and it usually falls on those who consume a product which is the choice of the consumer to purchase or leave alone. We all have such a choice but we shouldn't expect something for nothing. Logos is a commercial enterprise that meets a niche market in Christian software development. There aren't too many competitors out there but I don't think there pricing is that unreasonable. Once you have purchased a book on your package your never paying for it again. If logos doesn't remain profitable then they will go out of business and our current electronic libraries will become worthless.

  13. Bob Phillips says

    Wow! I am surprised at all the comments about LOGOS becoming such money grubbers. Do you believe that because you are a Christian and doing work to benefit Christians that you should work for nothing? Because the only way something is free is if everyone works for nothing. Would you like to try feeding your family with that kind of job? Or working for pennies so the product is very cheap. The time just to do all the programming for this very amazing Logos tool is massive. And all that time was paid out well before the first sale was made. Of course , we all would like it to be low cost. I, for one, thank God for such a wonderful assist in growing and knowing Him better even though I don’t have the best and most advanced edition. Christian workers deserve their wages for work well done just as much as unbelievers!