Introducing the 125-Volume Romans Collection

the-romans-collection-125-volumesWe heard you liked Paul’s epistle to the Romans.

So we handpicked 125 diverse and key volumes in the study, interpretation, translation, and exegesis of Paul’s magnum opus. We made sure to encompass a wide variety of traditions, perspectives, and levels of scholarly depth to create a well-rounded collection.

What exactly is it?

The Romans Collection is an enormous collection of modern commentaries, classic commentaries, and monographs that study Romans’ socio-historical context, Greek text, Pauline thought, Jewish background—you get the idea.

We’ve pulled together commentaries from Pillar, the New American Commentary, the College Press NIV Commentary, the Socio-Rhetorical Commentary, the International Critical Commentary, and many more.

This collection even features classics—Charles Hodge, John Calvin, Henry Cowles, J.B. Lightfoot, Charles Gore, Albert Barnes, and many others.

It also includes perspectives from almost every Christian tradition imaginable (Evangelical, Baptist, Methodist/Wesleyan, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Reformed, Charismatic/Pentecostal, Lutheran, Unitarian, and more).

That’s a lot of stuff on Romans

Yes, but we’re just getting warmed up. These statistics just scratch the surface:

  • Over 90 volumes are commentaries
  • Over 40 of those commentaries were published in the past 40 years
  • Over 40,000 pages contain verse-by-verse commentary (imagine that in your Passage Guide)
  • Over 30 volumes deal specifically with Paul based on the context or content of Romans

That must be expensive . . .

Individually, these volumes would cost you $2,838.50 from our store, but bundled together with an introductory discount, you save more than 70%! Right now, you can get this expansive for only $749.95. Don’t have $749.95 sitting around? Monthly payments come to around $67/month for just 12 months.

If $67/month is still too steep, don’t be surprised to find your personal price a bit lower. Dynamic Pricing can significantly lower your price if you already own any of this collection’s volumes. You’ll only pay for the books you don’t already own in Logos.

Visit and sign in to see your personalized discount.

So, what’s the catch?

If it seems like a dream come true, we hate to burst your bubble, but this dream won’t last forever. The Romans Collection’s price is increasing to $1,199.95 on October 24, so act fast to secure these savings!


  1. It's missing one of the very best sets of commentaries! D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones! ~12 volumes. They are from his sermons so they are not pedantic. "Romans 6: the new man" is fantastic. So is the one on Romans 7. I only read the commentaries on 6, 7,. and 1 so far. He is a very good expositor!

  2. I think it is missing a significant modern commentary [found in Logos] by Zane Hodges entitled Romans:Deliverance from Wrath.

  3. I know you can't add every book, however, A Preface to Romans: Notes on the Epistle in Its Literary and Cultural Setting by Christopher Bryan would be good to have in Logos.

  4. A good list, but I would want Douglas Moo (NIC), rated top by D.A.Carson; Tom Wright in his longer New Interpreter's Bible treatment; and Anders Nygren for his introduction.

  5. Frank Parker says

    I think the leading of the Holy Spirit would be more beneficial to your search than that many volumes….a nice set to have, but how many people have time to really review over 130 resources like that????…..I can do alot of ministry with more bang for the buck than $750 on some books will buy me. nice, but really overkill.