Webinar Recap: Streamline Your Sermon Preparation

logos-5-webinar-free-trainingLast week, in a webinar hosted by Logos expert Todd Bishop, we outlined some key steps in assisting you with your sermon preparation using Logos 5.

Todd shared ways to create custom layouts that are easy to use and navigate. He also demonstrated how to manage your workspace to match your work preferences and explained how to save your shortcuts to your most-used workspaces so you can easily access them later.

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry! You can still watch the recording anytime you want and learn about streamlining your sermon preparation from this training session:

During this webinar, we featured the Tim Keller Sermon Archive, which includes 1,233 sermons covering Keller’s preaching from 1989 to 2011.  When integrated into your digital library, these transcripts are enhanced by amazing functionality.

We’re planning additional virtual training events like this. Let us know via Facebook or Twitter what type of training you’d like to see!


  1. In the video, Tim Keller shows the FaithLife Bible linked to the NRSV. When he types in 1 Macc the Commentary to the Apocrypha render and replaces the FaithLife Bible. How is that possible. I have linked all three books using the link setting, dut do not understand how the commentary replaces the Faithlife.

    • Donald, Sorry you’re having difficulties. May I suggest you contact our Customer Service department. They will for sure be able to assist you in this issue. The number is: 800-875-6467

  2. fantastic, as logos user this helps us a lot in the use of software. More please. hope we can continue to use because we really have to play it a few times over a period of a month