200 Discounts You Don’t Want to Miss

september-logos-monthly-saleIt’s not too late to save on 200 resources on sale through the end of September! You don’t need a coupon code to take advantage of these awesome deals—just be sure to get them before the month is over.

Here are a few highlights from this month’s sale:

Read Greek in 30 Days or Less

Now 23% off!

Using easy-to-understand techniques and grammatical explanations, this resource explains the basics of the Greek language. Whether you’re a student taking Greek for the first time or a layperson interested in learning the basics of Greek grammar, these 10 short lessons will provide you with a strong foundation. What’s more, with the Logos edition of Read Greek in 30 Days or Less, you have instant access to the texts of the Greek New Testament along with a wealth of dictionaries, lexicons, and language reference tools.

Dictionary of Biblical Imagery

Now 33% off!

Hundreds of articles on themes, metaphors, imagery, and patterns of Scripture are packed into this powerful reference work. You’ll explore everything from the Bible’s universal archetypes to specifics of its narratives with this Bible dictionary, acclaimed for being “a creative and usable reference tool that will enable a wide range of Bible students to read the Word of God with fresh insight and new understanding.”

The Origin of the Bible

Now 29% off!

Over a dozen authors and theologians contributed to this fascinating overview of the Bible’s origins. Focusing on the Bible’s divine inspiration, lasting authority, and infallibility, this volume provides a fascinating background of the Bible. This work includes an overview of how the Bible was first inspired, canonized, read as sacred literature, copied in ancient Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, and eventually translated into world languages.

These are just a few great titles on sale—be sure to check out the rest of this month’s discounted products!


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