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There are a lot of logical or cultural sayings people believe are biblical that can’t be found in the Bible. Right now, on Christian Discourse, there’s a conversation examining some of these familiar sayings.

Nate Smoyer asked: “What are common sayings or teachings you’ve heard, or have had spoken to you, that aren’t found in the Bible?”

Here’s one response:

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What common teachings do you know that are mistaken as biblical? Share them with the Christian Discourse community!

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  1. How about this one: "God takes care of those who take care of themselves."

  2. Erick Kendall says

    What about: "God takes care of fools and babies."

  3. God helps those who help themselves (Ben Franklin)

  4. I have often heard this saying: One with God is majority and another one is smile Jesus loves you

  5. Joshua Chubb says

    That'd be out of the Reformed Confessions following the Westminster (WCF X.III)

  6. The concept of a rapture which is somehow performed in secret.

  7. Whatever you want if you believe God will give it to you.

  8. “Here bring your wounded hearts, here tell your anguish; Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal” Thomas More (English Humanist, Statesman and Chancellor of England, 1477-1535)
    that is the source of the "arth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal” so often quoted.