Logos 5: Record Your Answers in Logos Resources

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

Have you noticed that much of our learning takes places through a question and answer model? When I became a Christian disciple in college, my pastor began mentoring me with the Design for Discipleship series from The Navigators. Using study guides filled with questions, I would read the Scripture and then record my answers in the space provided in the guides.

Logos tries to replicate this question and answer experience with text entry boxes scattered throughout numerous Logos resources.

Allow me to give you a specific example:

  • Click the title of the book in the list underneath the Command box to open it (B)


  • Type 150 in the resource’s reference box (C)


  • Press the Enter key to jump to page 150 (D)
  • Scroll until you see the section called Questions for Reflection (E)
  • Notice the text entry boxes underneath the questions (F)


  • Type your desired text in the boxes just like you would record answers on lines in study guides (G)


Currently this text is not searchable, but it does synchronize between your devices.

Be on the lookout for these text entry boxes all throughout your Logos resources, especially the ones containing questions!

If you enjoy these weekly tips, check out the Logos Bible Software Training Manual Bundle (print edition), which contains hundreds of pages on getting the most out of your software.


  1. Rory Michael Lennox says

    I learn so much about how to use Logos every week that I wonder at the fact that I am getting my preparation done.

  2. Is there a list somewhere of all the books that allow this? Thanks!

  3. This is great, Mo! I love how much I am learning since Camp Logos. I talked another pastor into pulling the trigger on purchasing a Logos package last week.

  4. Mo, Thanks for showing information that is really helpful. When is the next Camp Logos?

  5. wow this perfect .. i do a men's study every Tuesday morning and i usually buy a hard copy of the study to record my answers…now i really wlll have everything in one place

  6. Sidney Bowers says

    Thanks Mo. Besides the Holman Handbook what other Logos resources provide this feature?