Get an Entire Year of Sunday School Lessons for Less than $20

standard-lesson-commentary-2014-2015Looking for content for your Bible study or adult Sunday school class? The Standard Lesson Commentary has everything you need. Get an entire year’s worth of lessons for only $16.95 when you pre-order.

The 2014–2015 curriculum includes 52 weeks of lessons, following the International Sunday School Lesson (ISSL) six-year study plan. Each lesson provides a main passage of study, verse-by-verse exposition, and discussion questions, as well as several activity ideas to engage students. The curriculum includes both NIV and KJV commentary, along with maps, charts, and other visual resource.

What do users say?

Logos has offered the Standard Lesson Commentary for years. Our users rated the 2013–2014 edition 4.5/5 stars, calling it a “Great resource for teaching” and saying that it offers “excellent Sunday school lesson plans.”

And this exceptional resource is even better in Logos. By connecting it you the rest of your library, you can dig deeper in your lesson-planning by exploring topics, finding answers to questions, and seeing what multiple commentators say about a passage.

Get the resources you need for preaching—and save! Pre-order The Standard Lesson Commentary today.


  1. I've used the Logos edition of the Standard Lesson Commentary for the last two years, and I have pre-ordered this one too. Having the curriculum electronically lets me study anywhere. And now that I have a Surface Pro, I use Logos to share scripture and sometimes graphics straight from the Commentary on the screens in the classroom.

  2. Roger Jensen says

    I've never tried this but I will because of your comment, Geoff. Thank you.

  3. We joined our Sunday School class in 1993, and the Standard Lesson Commentary is the only Bible teaching we have used.

  4. John Dobbs says

    I get this because it matches the books that our class uses … but end up rewriting just about every lesson. I think it could be a little more presentation-friendly from the teacher's point of view. I also buy each Quarter's copy of Bible Expositor and Illuminator which is far superior for teaching points … wish it was available on Logos… but as far as I know it is not available digitally at all.

  5. While I do recommend using this resource if you teach from the Quarterly materials, I am a little unhappy that this digital version is only going to be available the Thursday before the first Sunday in the quarter. Users of this resource should not be limited to two days of prep time, especially since the print materials are available much earlier.