Webinar Review: Harness the Power of Logos Searches


This week, a group of Logos users enjoyed a free hour-long training on harnessing the full potential of Logos 5’s powerful search tools. We covered using search operators, using Louw-Nida numbers, narrowing searches to only the most relevant results, and making the most of the powerful Clause Search tool.

If you missed it, don’t worry! You can watch the recording right now and reap all the benefits of this important training:

In the webinar, we featured the Themelios theological journal, a publication with a long, rich history of excellence. When you get this 111-issue collection, your searches in Logos 5 will yield results from theological thought leaders where they were first published.

We’d like to do more virtual training events like this—but only if it’s something you want. Make your opinion known! Let us know via Facebook or Twitter what type of training you’d like us to put together next.

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  1. Thanks for recording this webinar, as I was able to enjoy it this Saturday evening. I have been a Logos user for many years and have also participated in Camp Logos. There were quite a few tips that you covered, and picked up some new ways to make my searching even better. BTW – After I purchased my base package, a Logos Veteran encouraged me to obtain the Theological Journals as my next purchase and am glad that I did. It is a tremendous resource of scholarly articles that deal with every subject, topic, scripture, and more!

  2. If you are looking for more free webinar training opportunities, check out http://www.LearnLogos.com/events

    They have been providing free, live webinar live training for the past 4 years and cover a lot of interesting topics.

  3. Your free Jonah study has inspired me to teach through Jonah in our regular Wednesday Bible study.

  4. That's great to hear! We are going through it ourselves with our home Bible study too!