This Isn’t Your Average Bible Study: Get It for 50% Off!

not-your-average-bible-study-series-2Lexham Press recently announced a new nine-volume series: Not Your Average Bible Study. Right now, you can get it on Pre-Pub for 50% off!

Since its inception, Bible Study Magazine has included these studies in each issue. Over time, we’ve developed a new kind of Bible study—one that’s informed by scholarly discourse and ancient context, but readily applicable to your life today. When you dig into Scripture with these studies, you’ll find that your faith life is deeply affected.

Building a print book in a digital world

One of the unique things about this series is that it was designed with both print and digital in mind. When we create digital-first books, things like page count don’t matter. We can create books that are thousands of pages long or just a few pages long—there’s no back cover!

Designing for print completely flips that strategy. Not only do we have to think about page counts; we also have front and back covers to consider. We’ve responded by putting together volumes that are concise and laser-focused on application. And, as you can see, the print proofs look amazing:

NYAB Print Proofs

This nine-volume collection will be shipping soon. Pre-order the Not Your Average Bible Study Series today!


  1. Brent Hoefling says:

    confused. the blog talks about print books, he shows print books in the video. butnwhen i click the link to the product – – it seems to be in reference to Logos electronic resources. that page does not specify one way or the other. please clarify.

  2. John Barry says:

    Brent, the versions available from Logos Bible Software are digital books. They include write-able answer boxes and come with all the awesome features you've come to expect from Logos Bible Software resources. The print volumes will also be available soon, but I would encourage you to go the digital route, because they're less expensive and have more features.

  3. I have purchased it for a friend, and also for myself. We will be going through these studies at the same time, and will review it together over Skype! This is a great platform for mentoring and teaching. Thanks for developing this collection. Keep them coming.