Big News: Hebrew Audio Is Shipping Soon!

hebrew-audio-pronunciationsMany of you have been eagerly awaiting an exciting feature for OT study: Hebrew Audio Pronunciations. Well, we’re delighted to announce that we’re shipping Hebrew Audio Pronunciations on July 14!

An invaluable resource for Hebrew study

For years, Logos users have been learning from our Greek Pronunciation Addin, which integrates seamlessly into Greek editions of the New Testament. Now Logos brings the same convenience and depth of study to Hebrew.

You can listen to audio pronunciations of Hebrew words, making it easier to incorporate Hebrew into a sermon, build your vocabulary, or learn more by listening to the Hebrew as you read. The feature supports Aramaic, too, helping you understand the Word whether you’re in Genesis or Daniel.

Get 40% off for a limited time

Hebrew Audio Pronunciations is an amazing addition to Logos, and right now you can get it on Pre-Pub for $29.95—that’s 40% off! After the 14th, though, the price is going up.

Get the best price: pre-order Hebrew Audio Pronunciations today!


  1. Awesome!

  2. This has been a looooong time coming, but well worth the wait. Thanks!

  3. Praise God !!!!

  4. Brent Hoefling says

    yea, finalllllly

  5. David Housholder says

    Yes! Exciting that this is finally happening.

  6. I just checked, ordered this resource in Aug of 2007, while I was still in seminary.

  7. Me too Ed, August 2007 while i was working on my Mdiv.

  8. Hallelujah!!

  9. Andy Arkusinski says

    Happy to hear about the Hebrew pronunciations, and I am also interested in the Greek pronunciation adding mentioned in the blog. Searching Logos web site did not provide any useful information. How does one get the Greek Pronunciation Addin?

  10. Finally… woohoo!

  11. Understanding the Hebrew language and idioms gives us great insight to many things Jesus said and taught us.

  12. Gary Shogren says

    The Greek pronunciation is great, really looking forward to the Hebrew one. Fantastic price.

  13. Gary Shogren says

    A question – is this the equivalent to the Greek Audio Bible, which reads the NT text? Or does it just read words? The description seems unclear on this point.

  14. Gary Shogren says

    Look under Greek Audio New Testament, here