Infographic: Everything You Need to Know about John MacArthur

More than 50 years in ministry, 3,000 sermons preached, 120 books written—John MacArthur is one of the most influential theologians of our time.

Today, MacArthur turns 75. Celebrate his big day by taking 50% off more than 3,000 of his sermons and enjoying a powerful infographic that shows his life and impact!

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See MacArthur’s life and impact

Thanks to Tim Challies of, here’s a gorgeous infographic that shows you MacArthur’s life and impact.

Celebrate John MacArthur’s 75th birthday: enjoy this infographic, and then share it with friends and family!


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  1. This is a great deal- you may not agree with him 100% who does with anyone- but he has challenged millions of believers to "walk in life for the Lord" you have to give that.

    This is one resource I hope they put on sale often, it will be a great incentive to encourage others to get Logos, and us it for personal study.

  2. I still remember the 2nd message I heard Dr. MacArthur preach in the Fall of 1975. Things said in that message have had impact on my own pursuit of and development in ministry.

  3. Mr. MacArthur taught and inspired my pastor Jonathan Rourke, this has been a true blessing to me as I grow in our Lord.

  4. Of all preachers of all times in my generation, John MacArthur Jr has influenced me more than any. A preacher of the Gospel and sound doctrine, his resources has made a significant growth in my life. I wish I could meet him one day as he is truly among the heroes of the faith for me…Pastor Alex McBride

  5. Kenneth Ray Wiens says

    I know John MacArthur sought the advice of my father in law when he was deciding to go into ministry. My father in law was a minister himself. I've never met John MacArthur. I've benefited from his books. I attended Talbot School of Theology myself. I am not a minister. But I learned a lot there both in terms of how to live for Christ and Theology.