How Your Current Library Gets You a Bigger Discount

Logos5Upgrade_230x230Some of you have been using Logos for years and years, across multiple versions. You’ve acquired a hefty library. You’re studying, say, a Logos 4 base package with all your favorite add-on resources. What happens when you upgrade to a Logos 5 base package?

Simple: you keep all your existing books, and you add a huge number of new books at a steep discount. You get new resources, interconnected with the rest of your library, and you get Logos 5’s powerful study tools. When you upgrade to Logos 5, your whole library gets better.

Your personal discount

Logos-5Having a large Logos library also works in your favor when it comes to upgrading from one Logos 5 base package to another. Not only do your existing books add to the power of Logos 5—they can also earn you an awesome discount. You only need to own a single resource included in a given base package to qualify for Dynamic Pricing. Just visit the Logos 5 upgrade page, log in, and discover your custom upgrade discount—it can’t hurt to find out!

Don’t forget that you can also take advantage of interest-free payment plans to spread out your payments over up to 24 months. This means you can pick up the base package you really want, lock in your custom discount, and begin using your new library immediately. Then you can spread out the costs in several easy payments!

When it comes to saving money on an upgrade, your existing library is one of your greatest assets. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to upgrade to Logos 5, this is it. We won’t be offering upgrade discounts forever—check out your custom discount and upgrade now!


  1. David Young says

    I have recently upgraded to Logos 5. As I did not want any more books – I already have more than I can deal with – I choose to upgrade with the minimum package. It was later pointed out that because of this I did not have all the facilities of Logos 5. I was totally unaware that there were different versions of Logos 5 and depending on which package you upgraded with so the version of Logos 5 varied.
    Logos has a very extensive web and I am sure some where along the line this is pointed out, but it was not made clear to me and no comment was made that the version Logos 5 I was getting would not allow me to have all the facilities available.
    I think you should make it clear in your promotion material that there are different versions of Logos 5

    David Young