Free Book: What’s in the Word by Ben Witherington III

witw1We’ve teamed up with Baylor University Press to give you Ben Witherington III’s What’s in the Word: Rethinking the Socio-Rhetorical Character of the New Testament for free! Just use coupon code BW3BAYLOR to get your copy.

Understand Scripture in context

What’s in the Word, written in Witherington’s usual clear, clever style, is a collection of essays on topics like “oral texts,” pseudepigrapha, New Testament word studies in light of their socio-rhetorical backgrounds, and more. Preachers and teachers will especially appreciate how Witherington’s work helps establish exegetical study historically.

James D.G. Dunn once said that the autonomy of the biblical text is an illusion, and that Scripture will always be read in a context, whether modern or historical. In What’s in the Word, Witherington explains how the recognition of the oral and socio-rhetorical character of the New Testament and its environment necessitates a change in how we read the New Testament literature.

Use coupon code BW3BAYLOR through June 16 to get What’s in the Word for free!

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