Imagine Trying to Read This without Logos

baptist-covenant-theology-collection-1One of the most exciting things about working for Logos is getting to dig for treasure. There are countless theological treasures available in the public domain, both in English and in other languages. Many are available online for free, but once you go further back than the 1800s, the availability of such resources begins to shrink quickly. You have to start scavenging libraries and archives to find the gold.

The Logos transformation

Recently, we found some of this gold and put it up on Community Pricing. Below, you can see the state of the raw ore:

Digging for Gold 1

This page comes from Benjamin Keach’s The Ax Laid to the Root, published in 1693; the book hasn’t been republished since. Nevertheless, it contains unique primary-source information on the doctrine and beliefs of some of the earliest English Baptists—information that merits republication for a new generation.

That’s where Logos comes in.

Here’s how that exact same page might look in Logos:

Digging for Gold 2

The Ax Laid to the Root isn’t the only primary source worth bringing into the Logos format. After consulting with Baptist scholars, we’ve gathered a collection of many more primary sources discussing some of the earliest Baptist beliefs about baptism and covenant theology: the 17-volume Baptist Covenant Theology Collection.

Push this collection into production!

We think these books deserve to see the light of day again, after being hidden away for so long. But we need your help:

  • Gathering these books takes a lot of work.
  • Due to the low quality of many images, digitizing these books takes even more work.
  • Therefore, it costs us more to get this collection into production.

We’re excited about getting these books into your hands, and we want to know what you think. Show your support (and get over 80% off!) by bidding on the Baptist Covenant Theology Collection today!

* * *

Logos helps you read this and other fascinating texts from Christian history. To take advantage of Logos’ powerful datasets and study tools, though, you’ll want a Logos 5 base package. And right now, you can get a custom upgrade discount during the Logos 5 Upgrade Sale—get yours now!


  1. Greg Masone says

    I like how ya'll update the spelling in the conversion process. Its annoying reading old works that use the "F" shaped character in place of "S"!

  2. Took me back to my days in college @ the Richard Murphy library struggling to understand what was written by original sources. Thank you.

  3. William L White says

    I do wish that they would leave at least on document in the old English, so that people could see what Logos has to do and just how time consuming it is.

  4. Mike Southerland says

    BTW, I see a typo in the transcription above. The original says, "Tis said, all the Cattle of Egypt dyed." Your example transcription, though easier to read, says, "Tis said, all the Castle of Egypt dyed." Anyway, thought I'd point that out in case you want to correct the typo in the initial release.


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