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paul-and-palestinian-judaismEvery day, we offer a Twitter #DailyDeal: a limited-time offer for 50% off one of our products. This week, we’re partnering with Fortress Press to offer 50% off six powerful study resources!

Today’s #DailyDeal is Paul and Palestinian Judaism. Wayne A. Meeks, Woolsey Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at Yale, says:

“For New Testament students still trapped in Billerbeck-and-Kittel scholarship, the book will be revolutionary. For everyone who tries to understand early Judaism or the Christian movement that emerged from it, Sanders’ work requires a thorough rethinking of our assumptions.”

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  1. Michel Le Borgne says

    Why not in France?

  2. Michel Le Borgne says

    I can't purchase it

  3. My guess is that Logos only has a deal with the U.S. publisher, but doesn't have a working relationship with the publishers outside the U.S., which is why you guys can't purchase it. I am sure that they would if they could, and I agree that they should mention that in the post.

  4. 吳常健 says

    me too! I can't purchase this book in malaysia. I am really annoyed by that.

  5. It is all about spreading the word of God, unfortunately the word is not getting out…