Faithlife TV: Streaming Biblical Content

Faithlife TVLooking for Christian television that features helpful, informative content about the Bible? Look no further than Faithlife TV.

First, you’ll get segments of Logos’ groundbreaking Mobile Ed courses. Enjoy teaching by professors from Calvin Theological Seminary, Wheaton College, Dallas Theological Seminary, and other top schools!

Not only will Faithlife TV give you helpful instruction—you’ll also get a first-hand look at the amazing content available with Mobile Ed.

Second, you’ll get beautiful artwork from Bible Screen (also available on Roku). Experience professionally designed art and animations inspired by your favorite Scripture passages.

Faithlife TV also presents you with studies on Bible characters, as well as book discussions.

Get Faithlife TV for yourself!

You can check out Faithlife TV by watching it in your browser or subscribing to the Faithlife TV Roku channel.

Check it out today, and leave us a review in the Roku store!


  1. Clint Scott says:

    This is great news, thanks for this Logos :)

  2. Would be great to see this on the Android app!!

  3. I tried adding this to my Roku, but the screen is blank. Do I have to set the resolution at a special level or something? (I can hear audio, just no video).

  4. Can you add this to Google Chromecast?

  5. Donovan Neufeldt says:

    How much does it cost? I cant find the price.

    • Holly Marr says:

      That’s a great question, Donovan. It looks like the regular price is $4.99 a month. Feel free to reach out with additional questions to Have a great day!