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American-Schools-of-Oriental-ResearchRecently, we announced a partnership with The American Schools of Oriental Research (an academic organization dedicated to the study and preservation of the culture and history of the Near East), and introduced two of their flagship journals. If you want to be on the cutting edge of research in biblical archaeology, you’ll want to order ASOR’s third journal, Near Eastern Archaeology, which brings archaeological insights to lay audiences.

Stay up to date with fresh, relevant research

Formerly titled The Biblical Archaeologist, Near Eastern Archaeology showcases archaeological discoveries that enrich our understanding of the people, culture, history, and literature of the Middle East.

biblical-archaeologist-near-eastern-archaeologyNear Eastern Archaeology brings the ancient world to life, from Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean, with vibrant images and authoritative analysis. In keeping with ASOR’s commitment to making academic research accessible, it includes photographs, drawings, and other imagery throughout the journal. Exploring biblical and archaeological research has never been more engaging!

This collection includes 66 issues of Near Eastern Archaeology from 1992 to 2011, including several Biblical Archaeologist issues from before the journal was renamed.

Expand your understanding of scriptural context and the ancient world. Pre-order Near Eastern Archaeology before the price goes up!

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