Free! R. C. Sproul’s Crucial Questions Series

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Right now, you can get R. C. Sproul’s 17-volume Crucial Questions series for free!

Answer the tough questions

Throughout these 17  books, Sproul explores the core questions people ask about Christianity. You’ll get titles like Can I Be Sure I’m Saved?, Does God Control Everything?, What Is Faith?, and Who Is the Holy Spirit?—books that give you simple, biblical responses to some of the most challenging issues in apologetics and evangelism. Whether you’re preaching, teaching, or answering these questions for yourself, Crucial Questions makes a valuable addition to your Logos library.

It can be tough to articulate basic questions about the authority of the Bible, the effect of prayer, and the identity and attributes of God, let alone explain them to new believers. Sproul thoughtfully addresses these big issues, and Logos makes his answers fully searchable—you’ll have at-the-ready answers to the questions new believers ask all the time, all from a respected Christian teacher.

Get more with Logos versions

thumb-330 When you download these books with Logos, free means more. These 17 volumes automatically integrate with your entire Logos library, helping you find answers when you need them. Using the Topic Guide, you can pull Sproul’s answers up side by side with parallel commentaries, maintaining the essential balance between the in-depth exploration of Scripture and the practical presentation of its truths.

Start answering these crucial questions for yourself. Start sharing what you learn. When you can get all these books for free, “I don’t know” won’t be the end of the conversation anymore.

Get your free books right now!

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  1. For FREE

  2. Christopher Bevis says

    This is an excellent starting point for anyone trying to get to grips with the foundational teachings of the Christian faith. And it's FREE!

    If you've never used Logos Bible Software before, you can also get the Logos 5 software to read and annotate these books AND the Faithlife Study Bible to study alongside this series free of charge.

    OTOH, if you're already a Logos user – what are you waiting for?

  3. Franklin Smith says

    Greatest Bible Progran Available. The Only SHORTAGE is the $$$$$$$ needed to purchase such wonderful information, BUT LISTEN, much of the WEALTH of great men and women of God IS FREE. I reall appreciate these people!

  4. I'm grateful to have this book set on both platforms Amazon and Logos. Thanks a lot Logos

  5. 읽고 싶었던 책이 무료네요. ^^ 서점에서 번역된 책이 새로 나왔는데. 원서가 무료라니!

  6. Thank you so much Logos!

  7. David Davis says

    "In the beginning was ORDER" (1 John i I think? – logos = logic or order…not "The Word", which is a tragic mistranslation into the KJVBible, and decreases the understanding of the Genesis story and the Gospel messages. If you substitute "order" for "the word" in each instance, it become much clearer. Also for "with" , us "by" – as in the Latin Ablative case. Also, out of the "Big Bang" came Physical Order in the Universe.