The Price Has Dropped on the Oxford History of the Christian Church!

oxford-history-of-the-christian-church (1)Pre-Pub prices usually start low and go up.

This is a rare exception: the Pre-Pub price on the Oxford History of the Christian Church has gone down!

We can now offer you an even lower price, but we don’t know how long this deal will last.

These are expensive, valuable volumes. Check out the numbers for yourself:

  • Normally, at full print list prices, you would pay more than $2,387.00 for the full set.
  • A while back, we looked around for the lowest prices available; the best deals we could find added up to $1,747.00.
  • Many of the individual volumes in this collection would cost you more than $100.00 each.
  • Three of these books list at over $200.00 each, all the way up to $255.00!

The main takeaway here is that these are important, sought-after volumes. People regularly pay hundreds of dollars for these books (and thousands of dollars for the set)—but now we’re able to offer the complete Oxford History of the Christian Church for $399.95.

Consider the price of the set, and think about how each of these books normally costs $100 to $300 each—if you’ve thought about getting only one or two of them, it’s a much better deal to pre-order the entire 16-volume set instead.

Not only will you get the books you want—you’ll also get everything the Oxford History of the Christian Church series has to offer.

And $399.95 is an even more amazing price when you consider the value of having these books in your digital library, with citations linked to their sources, powerful search features, automatic citations when you copy–paste, and so much more.

One other important thing to consider: we don’t know how long this price will last. This set could go into development tomorrow, next week, next month—we simply don’t know. And when it ships, the price will jump dramatically.

Pre-order now!

You have nothing to lose by pre-ordering. We won’t charge your card until the product ships (plus we’ll remind you a few weeks beforehand), and you can cancel at any time.

But you won’t always be able to get this set at this price, so don’t miss your opportunity—pre-order the Oxford History of the Christian Church now!

(If you’ve already pre-ordered, don’t worry—we’re still honoring our commitment that you’ll always get the best price by pre-ordering early. Your price has been automatically lowered to the new price, and there’s nothing you need to do to make sure you get the best deal.)


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