Studying the Old Testament: 3 Terms to Keep in Mind

logos-mobile-education-john-walton-background-of-the-old-testament-bundleThe Old Testament makes up two-thirds of the Bible and lays the foundation on which the rest of Scripture stands. Yet most churches devote less than half their teaching to the OT.

Where do you start studying the Old Testament, and where do you start teaching it? With Dr. John Walton’s Mobile Ed Bundle, you’ll walk through the background and typology of the Old Testament, laying the framework for your future studies.

In his introduction, Walton explains three things to keep in mind while studying the Old Testament:


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  1. This is fine but I am wondering what the value of the format being video is? We see a person rather than just hearing their voice but seems to me like an mp3 of audio would be faster to produce, cheaper and just as effective. Is there some other portion of the lessons where video takes a more vital role?

  2. Jonathan Watson says

    Great question Steve. The videos provide helpful on-screen text, which enables you to better follow along, almost as though you are watching the professor and their powerpoint simultaneously. Additionally, the video enables to plug in visual aids and graphics when relevant, in a way that you couldn't do smoothly with audio+text resource.