How to Complete Your Commentary Sets

How do you know if you own all the available volumes in a commentary series or academic journal? As publishers have released new volumes, Logos has released upgrade sets—what if you’ve missed one?

Well, we’ve begun updating our major commentary sets with the most recently shipped volumes. Take a look at the commentary series listed below—you’ll find all the available volumes on their product pages. Sign in, and with Dynamic Pricing, you’ll get a price that reflects the volumes you already own. Now’s a great time to make sure you’ve got all the most recent volumes!

Here’s what we’ve updated so far:

concordia-commentary1. Concordia Commentary

Compiled into a single Logos collection for the first time, Concordia is a Christocentric commentary on the New and Old Testaments. It pays special attention to the original Greek and Hebrew and analyzes the text’s running themes and imagery.

2. NIV Application Commentary Series

This lengthy series provides a compellingly thorough and applicable analysis of the biblical text. Praised by James Montgomery Boice, Warren W. Wiersbe, Charles Stanley, and Howard G. Hendricks, the set aims to bring the Word deeper into your life.

brazos-theological-commentary-on-the-bible3. Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible

This theologically focused commentary prioritizes the theological interpretation of Scripture, providing extensive bibliographies and lengthy introductions to each book.

4. New American Commentary Series

The New American Commentary series assumes biblical inerrancy and focuses on the Bible’s theological unity. It engages today’s scholarly issues head-on, and comes together as a valuable tool to benefit the life of the church.

5. Journal of Hebrew Scriptures

This peer-reviewed academic journal critically analyzes the Hebrew Bible on a myriad of topics. Providing hundreds of articles from 1996 to 2011, it represents the latest in Old Testament scholarship.

baylor-handbook-on-the-hebrew-bible-series6. Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible Series

The Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible is a scholarly study of recent scholarship on Hebrew linguistics, surveying and analyzing issues in the Hebrew text. The series’ textual analysis provides pastors and scholars with the insights they need to appreciate Hebrew nuance.

* * *

Now’s the time to jump into a new commentary series or update your existing set! With payment plans, you don’t have to commit to the entire price at once—you can easily break it down into affordable monthly payments, and begin your studies now.

Stay tuned for more updated commentary sets in the future; we’ll keep you informed.

Update your commentaries today—you might be surprised how big of a Dynamic Pricing discount you qualify for!


  1. Do you have teh Zondervan Exegetical commentary set on New and Old testament

  2. Thanks for doing this — very helpful. A better future feature would be to actually show which volumes are "new to me" like is done for the major upgrades

  3. Naveen Balakrishnan says:

    Also in addition to Ward's comment, I would recommend that incomplete sets be removed and have a complete set (with all the volumes) under one package. Right now under "Opening Up Commentaries" there is a 30 vol set, 2 vol upgrade, a 5 volume upgrade and also a 37 vol complete set listed. The 37 vol set which includes the 30 vol set does not show a dynamic pricing option on my account. Simplification in this regard would greatly help and aid users like me to keep up to date on the resources we own. Same goes for the Word Biblical Commentary Set.

  4. Thomas Mitchell says:

    Thank you.

  5. DerekandChristina Ennis says:


  6. … or for the more disorganised, an option of automatic notification/automatic upgrade check box?