Go Seahawks! Logos Bible Software Roots for the Home Team

12th man 2The Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl, and Logos stands firmly behind them! Here’s proof: a 12th Man flag flying high at Logos HQ.

From the beginning, this has been a season of high expectations. The Hawks were favored to beat out longtime rival San Francisco for the NFC West crown, and many predicted that the team would contend for the NFC Championship and even a Super Bowl title. The Seahawks have lived up to every expectation.

Earlier this season, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized the Seahawks’ fans as the loudest in the world. Their passion and savvy create a home-field advantage for the Seahawks—one so measurable that the team has taken to calling their fans the 12th Man. Since 2005, Seahawks opponents have committed more false-start penalties than any other team—130—due in large part to the noise in Seattle’s CenturyLink Field.

As the Hawks prepare for their February 2 showdown with the Denver Broncos, the team’s loyal fans are wearing signs of solidarity back home. Logos is no exception.

12th man

Seahawks: Logos Bible Software stands behind you!

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  1. Craig Van Hill says

    GO BRONCOS!!! May they continue their long and proud history of football excellence!

  2. James Wanja says

    Sorry, but there is only one 12th Man – The Fighting Texas Aggies – Gig Em’

    Class of ’77

  3. Steve Bishop says

    Go Broncos!

  4. Alan Myatt says

    When Peyton gets finished with Richard Sherman you'll need to spread butter on him. Grilled seahawk sandwiches.on toast. Good combination.

  5. Johnold J. Strey says

    This is the first thing from Logos that I haven't liked. :)

  6. Chapter and Verse? ;)

  7. This might be enough to turn me away from Logos for good. OK, maybe not, but you’re definitely testing the character of the rest of us in the NFC West.

  8. When I first saw this article I thought about not using LOGOS anymore! Just kidding. You guys are awesome. Can't blame you for home team enthusiasm. Should be a good game. Go Broncos!

  9. John Sheeley says

    Another reason I love Logos! Go Seahawks!

  10. I pray that Seattle's lost will affect the quality of future service. LOL GO BRONCOS!!!!!

  11. Go Niners! Good BIble software, but bad taste in a football team!

  12. Pennie Buntrock says

    Does this make the Seahawks going to the super bowl biblical? Go Seahawks!!!

  13. Payton all the way ! [He's still a Colt in my heart]

  14. 3 My anger is hot against the shepherds,
    and I will punish the leaders;
    for the LORD of hosts cares for his flock, the house of Judah,
    and will make them like his proud war-horse.

    The Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1989), Zec 10:3.

  15. Rich Pannell says

    What kind of insanely irresistible deals will Logos offer if the Seahawks win?

  16. I saw a Church sign on my way home today: Love your neighbor even if they are not Bronco fan. I love you guys but go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Go Broncos!! (Sorry Logos)

  18. If this software wasn’t good I would stop using this. GO 49ERS

  19. I like this flag. We have one on our van. Go Seahawks!

  20. Well, this is dificult……my husband's cousin plays for the Broncos. Last name Manning.

  21. It doesn't matter to me who wins this years Super Bowl. I have been a Raiders fan since the Darryl Lamonica , Fred Bilitnokoff, Ben Davidson , George Blanda and etc BAD BOY days. GO RAIDERS!!!

  22. Mike Baber says

    How will I support the Seahawks? Willing to pray with them after they lose to the Broncos! From 2 hours north of Denver…Chugwater, Wyoming!

  23. Anders Hitchcock says

    …nothing like a little controversy. Go LOGOS!

  24. Anders Hitchcock says

    Best Bible Study software in the world! No super bowl needed…

  25. So proud of our Hawks!!!