Get 13 Beth Moore Titles—Free!

13 Free Beth Moore Books

Vyrso’s free Beth Moore offer has expired. Be sure to follow Vyrso Voice for more freebies and special offers. 

Take advantage of the deal everyone’s talking about: through January 10, get 13 free books by bestselling author and beloved teacher Beth Moore! Just download the free Vyrso app, available for both Android and iOS, and start enjoying your free books today.

Download all 13 books right now, and then tell your friends to do the same!

Praying God’s Word: Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds

Regularly $9.99—get it free!

This book is designed to help you overcome life’s roadblocks. From pride to depression to temptation, learn the real impact of prayer in overcoming spiritual sticking points. This book is a powerful reminder that, regardless of how depressed or anxious you may be feel, there is joy in a loving relationship with Christ.

Believing God

Believing God

Regularly $11.99—get it free!

Discover what it means to truly know and trust God. Drawing on the examples set by Abraham and Moses, Moore explores the importance of trusting God’s promises in order to live to your full potential. She looks at how to move beyond a mediocre faith and enter into a genuine relationship with Christ—one in which all things are possible.

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Download all 13 books now, and then check out more Beth Moore deals, including a devotional for $3.99 and her latest book for only $9.99.

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  1. Rick Montoya says

    Enjoy my PWOC friends.

  2. john hennigan says

    If the Beth Moore downloads are free why do you need my credit card info.

    • Logos Bible Software says

      Hi John,

      Your credit card is needed to run the transaction, but you will be charged $0.00.

  3. Leta Roznowski says

    I just downloaded Vyrso, but did not receive the 13 Beth Moore books.How do I get those?

  4. Regina Pimentel says

    I do not understand why you need a credit card to get them. I do not have one.

  5. Regina Pimentel says

    you halft to go into the amazon apps. and pull up vlrso and put in her name it will come up will come up with all her books and you just click on the ones you won't. you have got to click one at a time but not all are free so look as you do it.

  6. Regina Pimentel says

    got mine just put in card and it was fine

  7. Good to see Logos/Vyrso pick up and get on-board with this deal.

  8. Download the free app, and when you open it, click on "library" to see all your free downloads and purchases.

  9. My wife reads/listens to her. I have the Logos app on my iOS devices. I used to have Vyrso and Faithlife apps but since I noticed the same books were available on both platforms, and to save space, I'm now only using the Logos app. My question is what advantages/features are there with Vyrso and Faithlife apps that Logos does not have (other than the social component, which for me is not a draw). Why have multiple apps? (for marketing/business, or are there "technical" reasons?

    As an aside, I purchase Logos books because of the search and other tools. I'm willing to pay extra for this, but I use Kindle for "non-technical/pleasure-type" reading I do, and I noticed that Vyrso books are not cost competative (I mean it wasn't even close the last time I compared- Amazon Kindle/audio books are so much cheaper!). If I need the power of Logos, I'll pay extra. If I don't, why go with Vyrso rather than Kindle?

  10. Hi Leta,

    You can get all of the books here: After that, just log into your Vyrso app and they will be available to read.

  11. I 'purchased' them and they popped up in my Windows Logos Bible Software Programme and in my Logos Bible app. for Windows 8. So, if you do not have Vyrso installed, but the other two, you will not miss out!

  12. Cyndy Tyler says

    If someone does not have credit cards, is there another way to get the books?

  13. Hi Jeff,

    We are glad to hear that you are using and enjoying the Logos app. Great question about the advantages/features of the Vyrso app! When compared to the Logos app there are less features, but many of the advantages that you’ve come to know and love, such as one-touch Bible references and cross-library search, are still available in the Vyrso app. The reason for having multiple apps/storefronts is the opportunity to differentiate the types of resources. For instance, you’ll see more fiction or general Christian Living titles in Vyrso with titles that fit better for your Bible study in Logos.

    There are many reasons to go with Vyrso over any other ereader app—number one is the integration with the Logos ecosystem. If you ever want to transfer or maximize your titles in the Logos app, they are already included. In addition, no other app has one-touch Bible references or cross-library search, which makes reading your Christian ebooks that much better.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

  14. Brilliant just tried to download the books as just had the offer come through and told it has expired, thanks Logos why put it on my Logos start page if it has already expired and a Happy New Year to you!