Changes to Logos Product Support

Changes to Logos Product SupportWe recently changed the way we think about Logos product support. We’ve divided products into three categories—supported, maintenance, and unsupported. Here’s what each one means for you:

Supported versions receive free updates online, get new features and bug fixes, can read the latest resources and data sets, can sync documents and settings, and have telephone support. Supported versions may require the newest operating system versions.

Maintenance versions receive free updates online, can read the latest textual resources (but may not support newer data sets and features), can sync documents and settings, get critical bug fixes, and have telephone support. Plus, maintenance versions can run on older operating system versions.

Unsupported versions do not receive updates and may not read the latest versions of resources. Web services that are used by only unsupported versions may be discontinued without notice. Documents and settings created in an unsupported version may not sync to the latest versions of the software.

For more details on these support categories, visit the Logos Support Lifecycle page.

Logos 4.6c will become unsupported in April

Currently, Logos 5.2 is the supported version and Logos 4.6c is the maintenance version. On April 8, 2014—the same day Microsoft ends extended support for Windows XP—we’ll change Logos 4.6c to unsupported status, and Logos 5.2a will become the maintenance version. The new supported version, Logos 5.3, will require Windows 7 or OS X 10.8 or later.

What this means if you’re running Windows XP or OS X 10.5

If you’re still running Logos 4.6c on XP or OS X 10.5:

  • Your software will continue to run and read the resources you already have.
  • You will not receive any updates to the software.
  • New resources you purchase at may not work in Logos 4.6c.
  • Documents and settings you create may not sync to the latest version of Logos.
  • In the future, you may get web service errors when trying to run the program; it may be necessary to work offline in order to start the application.

What this means if you’re running Windows Vista, OS X, 10.6, or OS X 10.7

If you’re still running Logos 4.6c, upgrade to Logos 5 to get all the new features, or download the free Logos 5 engine.

If you’re already running Logos 5, the latest version you will be able to install is Logos 5.2a. You will enter maintenance support, which means:

  • Your software will continue to run and read the resources you already have.
  • You will receive critical bug fixes and updates.
  • New resources you purchase at will download automatically and be readable in your version of Logos. (New datasets may require the latest version of Logos.)
  • Documents and settings will sync to the latest version of Logos.

Most Logos customers are already running Windows 7 or OS X 10.8 (or later); by limiting new releases to these newer operating system versions, we can free up development and testing resources, and take advantage of new capabilities in Windows and OS X.

If you’re a Mac user, visit How to Upgrade to OS X Mavericks to check if you can upgrade to the latest version of OS X for free. This will let you install the latest version of Logos 5.

What this means if you’re running Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X 10.8, or OS X 10.9

Since you’re running a recent version of Windows or Mac OS X, your Logos experience will be unchanged. You’ll keep getting the latest updates to Logos 5 and your resources for free.

If you’re still running Logos 4.6c, upgrade to Logos 5 to get all the new features, or download the free Logos 5 engine!


  1. Logos has tried to ‘sell’ Version 5 by bombardment with advertisement. Now the gloves come off and the plan is to beat those, who payed good money and prefer Logos 4, by cutting them off at the knees with one fell swipe. I have supported Logos since they started. I have had to contend with the rise in prices to above print prices, in many cases, being justified by the “superior product” answer and now unless we pay more we can ‘lump it’. “You cannot serve two masters…”

    • The following Logos FAQ may put your mind at ease:

      My advice is to upgrade to Windows 7 (since Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP, and hackers will place your security at risk when Microsoft no longer patches security loopholes in XP).

      Next, call Logos customer service and explain you want to download the Logos 5 “engine” (vs. the full Logos 5 upgrade with books), since you already have the books in Logos 4. You need to understand that your Logos 4 books contain software code that must be updated to the basic and free Logos 5 “engine” in order to run. That costs development time and effort.

      However, based on my experience with Logos over the years, I’m sure Logos would be willing to work with you on a low discount to get download the free Logos 5 “engine” to your new Windows 7 environment, then download the Logos 5 version of your current Logos 4 books at an extremely reasonable base price.

      The other option is to use your Windows XP machine strictly offline (to avoid infiltration by hackers who will exploit XP’s loopholes as it ages). Then use your Logos 4 software and Logos 4 books as is. Remember that obsolescence comes with the territory in computing. People who were happy with old PCs in the 1990’s got upset when their machines with early Windows versions became obsolete. Your experience with Logos is no different than the overall experience offered by all software companies since the dawn of Windows in the 1980’s.

    • Hello,

      You don’t have to pay anything to upgrade to Logos 5. If you don’t want to pay for the new data set that is available with Logos 5, you can just upgrade the software.

    • Hello,

      You don’t have to pay anything to update to Logos 5. If you don’t want to pay for the new data set that is available with Logos 5, you can just upgrade the software.

  2. Kevin Holmes says

    It seems like Logos should still keep supporting operating systems which Microsoft is supporting (e.g. Vista). I can understand dropping XP.

    • I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 and the upgrade worked fine. The upgrade cost was under $200, and I got a great deal on the Windows 7 upgrade at

      Windows 7 works just like Vista, and is more stable. It has never crashed and I’ve used it for a couple of years. If your hardware supports Vista, it will support Windows 7.

      As someone else mentioned, the actual upgrade to the latest Logos 5 software (without the books) is free. I recommended buying the Windows 7 upgrade, then the free Logos 5 software. All your books should then install. My only frustration is that reinstalling all the books in my Gold library was over 10 gigabytes and took all day. I suppose you could use the CDs instead.

  3. I have Windows Vista,and logos 5.2, so presently I will be on maintenance.
    From my prospective, I won’t be adding any more books to my library.

    • Linda

      As I understand it there are very few Vista machines that would not benefit from an upgrade to Windows 7. There is a reason that the ‘Vista’ window was so short.

      You have Logos 5.2 so you will be supported for the foreseeable future.

      Do you not find the program valuable in itself?

  4. I understand John’s frustration in that Logos costs far more than a new Windows operating system and he like me probably felt we had to bite the bullet just to purchase Logos. Glad I did though. Eugene citation of the FAQ makes a good point too in Logos defense. As I see it, Microsoft, which is exponentially bigger than Logos, (and has its share of needless OS flops) discontinues support of older OS’s at some point like they are doing with XP. (which I liked and grudgingly got Windows 7) Expecting a smaller company to devote resources to do what a huge company won’t, especially when some of the support effort is tied to the larger company’s unsupported product puts Logos, in my opinion, in a place where they have to make decisions such as this announcement.


  5. I am not able to find this on my Logos 5. Let me guess, you have to buy it, right?

  6. I have been doing a little digging, and it appears that diehard Logos 4 users can reinstall Logos 4 and all books (albeit unsupported) on Windows 7 and even Windows 8 platforms.

    In the Logos 4 icon properties on the desktop, I would recommend selecting the “Compatibility” tab, and the check-box “Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3).”

    Further information is located at this link:

  7. Brent Hoefling says

    it's about time for a formal policy. :) support is an integral and expensive part of a technology product. it only goes that a company would not be able to continue to support their older versions, especially on operating systems that themselves are not supported.