You’re About to Miss Logos’ Best Deal. Ever.

500-book-mega-pack-blogA couple weeks ago, we introduced the best deal Logos has ever offered: the 500 Book Mega Pack.

People who are already in on the deal love it:

But at midnight tomorrow, the 500 Book Mega Pack is going away—forever.

If you’re still on the fence, you’re about to miss the single best deal in Logos history.

Here’s why you don’t want to let that happen:

1. The Mega Pack is a smart investment

With the Mega Pack, you’re getting a $10,000+ library for less than $1 per book—that’s more than 96% off. Discounts that big add up fast: for example, two of the collections you’ll get are the Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges, which Baptist Magazine called “one of the most popular and useful literary enterprises of the nineteenth century,” and the Works of George Whitefield, which gives you the beloved preacher’s writings, sermons, and correspondence. On their own, just those two resources already cost more than the entire bundle!

2. Dynamic Pricing gives you an even better deal

96% off is a stunning discount, but it’s actually the minimum you’ll save. With Dynamic Pricing, you’ll get a customer ownership discount based on your current library—if you already own some of these books, your price will be even lower.

And here’s the cool part: all 500 books set you up for more Dynamic Pricing down the road. You’re not just getting $10,000+ worth of books—you’re getting all the associated Dynamic Pricing on future purchases. You’ll never pay for the same books twice; why not make sure what you do pay is 96% off?

3. You’ll never, ever see it again

The 500 Book Mega Pack isn’t a regular product or sale—it’s an extreme, one-time occurrence. When it expires tomorrow, it’s not just the discount that’s ending; it’s the collection itself. You’re never going to get this opportunity again.

So why are you on the fence?

“$399.95 is a lot of money”

But $39’s a lot less—pick up the Mega Pack with a 12-month payment plan and that’s all you’ll pay each month. (And remember: if you own even one of these titles, your custom price will be even lower.) Payment plans let you move fast, lock in your 96% savings, start using your new books right now, and spread out the payments, interest-free.

“I don’t want some of these books”

Even if you’re not sure you’re interested in all 500 books, the 500 Book Mega Pack will make your library smarter. Your books are what power Logos’ features—when you build your library with the Mega Pack, you set yourself up for more productive searches and cross-references. You might never read all 500 books cover to cover, but you’ll start doing deeper study from day one. And, as we’ve seen, you’ll get not only $10,000+ in books, but also Dynamic Pricing savings down the road—all for 96% off.

“OK, but I’m just not ready”

Unfortunately, there’s simply no more time. This deal is going away tomorrow.

It’s going away forever.

But you can still try out the Mega Pack firsthand and risk-free: pick it up while you still can, and if it’s not for you, just return it within 30 days. Especially with a 12-month payment plan, this lets you make sure it’s the right choice: if you decide to keep it, you’re looking at monthly payments of just $39; if you decide it’s not for you, you’ll get your money back.

If you don’t pick up the 500 Book Mega Pack before midnight tomorrow, you’re going to miss out on the best deal in Logos history.

Take advantage of this one-time chance to build your library and save 96%—get the Mega Pack before it’s gone forever.


  1. I am confident that the offer you have for this 500 Mega-Pack is a very good offer and the materials would enhance a persons library tremendously. However, I am turned off by the high pressure tactics that remind me of used car commercials trying to entice people to spend money they don't have. I have noticed a very commercial like trend to your offers and to be honest, I wonder what's the catch. I keep waiting to hear someone say "but wait if you order right now we will double the order all you have to do is just pay shipping and handling cost". Don't get me wrong I have benefited greatly in my teaching by having the Logos 4 program that I have with all of it's resources. I am just surprised by the Saturday morning commercial offers you have started offering through email and Facebook.

  2. Nearly all of the books in this deal are available for free at Run a search on "theology" or "church history" or "new testament" etc at the website. They are available for download in .PDF or .DJVU formats. Save your money for the more modern works.

  3. I am in complete agreement. It is an outstanding software that I have used throughout my studies, and in developing sermons. I even use proclaim, so I'm not knocking the product but the sales tactics are turning me off.

  4. Yes, Ray, lots of these are available free but the free books don't come indexed and searchable which is THE reason I like Logos. The sales tactics are beginning to bother me too but the product is uniquely valuable as an electronic, searchable Library System.

  5. I have read some of these comments and I don't think some of you realize how much work goes into making these book packages work with this program. No one is holding a gun to your head. After all they are in business to make money. Somehow if a business is related to religious objects, books, software programs they are to give these items away?? They package these items to make it more attractive yes that's called advertizing. I think that some of you need to understand more about what it takes to run a business.

  6. They may be free, but are they cross referenced? Is not this the absolute beauty of Logos? Like my mom always said, If you can't say something nice….

  7. Patti Brouilette – I love my Logos Bible Software, but I can't see paying for something when I can just as easily download it for free–poor stewardship IMO. As for the cross-references, I have so many unread books as a result of it that I sometimes think it gets in the way of reading an entire book and getting the author's gist–which may be more than the quote that gets cited in a search.