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  1. My biggest challenge as a pastor is realizing that I must follow Jesus before I will be able to truly lead pastor any group or individual. It's easy to get lost in the busyness of it all and neglect my own time with Christ.

  2. My biggest challenge as a pastor is realizing that I must follow Jesus before I will be able to truly lead pastor any group or individual. It's easy to get lost in the busyness of it all and neglect my own time with Christ.

  3. Balancing ministry time with personal / family time

  4. One of my biggest challenges is to not rely on my strength, wisdom, or giftedness but the power of the Holy Spirit and God's grace.

  5. Dealing with people,and not having Logos Portfolio on my own MacAir

  6. My biggest challenge as a pastor is to remember humility despite my God given gifts and talents. It is about God's work in people not my agenda.

  7. Brandon Shaffer says:

    My biggest challenge as a pastor is trusting in God's sovereignty and the power of the Holy Spirit rather than my own abilities.

  8. Realizing that my ministry is my job, but shouldn't be treated like a job.

  9. Joshua Barron says:

    Biggest challenge is balancing family/personal and ministry time.

  10. Traci McGowan says:

    I am not a "pastor", but I do shepherd and teach others and run a ministry.That said: the biggest challenge I face are churches who have gotten away from adhering to the teachings in the Scriptures and push people through like cars through the drive-thru at Burger King. That mentality is killing our country.

  11. the biggest challenge>staying in full relationship with the LORD thru communion with the HOLY SPIRIT through all that life in this world throws my way!!! :{)))

  12. Balancing time between family, ministry and other responsibilities.

  13. Praying for this blessing!!! :{)))

  14. This would be awesome!

  15. Boundaries

  16. The biggest challenges are balancing ministry time and time with the Lord and cultural issues

  17. Tadd Kruithoff says:

    I dont remember who said it anymore…maybe mother Teresa…but the greatest threat to the love of Christ is serving Christ. The challenge to balance abiding in Christ with serving Christ will continue to be the challenge of Pastors. Jesus is the example of balancing times of solitude with times of meeting the needs of the people.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Biggest challenge in ministry is balancing time between sermon prep (important), being with the people (important) and taking care of my wife (important).

  19. My biggest challenge is Making sure I'm constantly standing in the council of God, and not my own or other'

  20. Carl Lewis says:

    My biggest challenge is having the courage to preach what the Holy Spirit has put into me to preach. Often times, the subjects are difficult. Being an expository preacher takes courage…Its the type of preaching that got Stephen stoned, Paul run out of town, and Peter crucified. But I trust in Him, and what he has for me. And I'll do his bidding.

  21. Doug Bassett says:

    Doing my best to present myself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

  22. My biggest challenge is staying humble and realizing that even the youngest in Christ can teach us something new..

  23. I believe it is getting the world to see the bible for what it says and not falling in love with a certain religious belief but believing in the entire bible.

  24. Staying on task.

  25. Mark Gomez says:

    The biggest challenge for me as a pastor is dealing with time limitations and apathy in members.

  26. John R Seaton says:

    Balancing time between family, personal needs, and ministry

  27. Alan Littlejohn says:

    Making sure I spend time with God personally not just for the flock.

  28. Jimmy Dickinson II says:

    Balancing my personal walk with Christ and my family life and my job.

  29. The biggest challenge is walking closely in obedience to the Lord!

  30. Brandon Morrow says:

    The biggest challenge is only having 24 hours in a day. I think there's a lot who would agree with me.

  31. Michael Lee says:

    Biggest challenge – discouragement from members

  32. Nick Horton says:

    Biggest challenge for me is time. I work full time and have a family. Balancing time and not stealing time from my job or my family is hard.

  33. Staying full

  34. Charles Robertson says:

    The biggest challenge is knowing how to counsel the congregation.

  35. Staying full as a leader

  36. It's a tie between selfishness and immaturity for biggest challenges

  37. Carmen Laura Santiago says:

    Balancing the time between my relationship with God, my family and my ministerial responsibilities.

  38. John Prietto says:

    Hope I get a working computer with logos.

  39. Balancing personal life/health with busyness

  40. Keeping my daily meditation time sacred and uninterrupted.

  41. My biggest Challenge as a teacher is my own pride. Hard to tell who I'm serving.

  42. Making sure I spend time with God in the Bible personally

  43. fighting doubt and discouragement in the course of church planting.

  44. Isaac Hecker says:

    The biggest challenge while serving as a youth pastor was keeping the youth engaged during my time with them. It was also difficult to stay connected with them outside of our weekly meeting.

  45. Eld Tish Atkins Bryant says:

    My biggest challenge is being a bivocational pastor and ensuring that I balance my time wisely.

  46. Jonathan Watson says:

    Biggest challenge is studying to present what the text says, rather than just what I can say about the text.

  47. David Potete says:


  48. Time management. Pastoring involves many things on the schedule that are important. Unfortunately, there are a host of unimportant things also trying to crowd the schedule.

  49. Kevin McAteer says:

    My biggest challenge as a pastor is to study as in-depth as I can with limited time.

  50. Anthony Catbagan says:

    My biggest challenge is to motivate people to come to prayer meeting.

  51. Jesse Hill says:

    Biggest challenge is… will let you know when I am done school next semester and actually become a pastor. Honestly I will probably forget to let you know when I am done… so yeah.

  52. Charles L Klock says:

    Handling discouragement!

  53. Interesting, Eld. I was about to say the same thing. I was full-time in the ministry until recently. I thought I needed Logos before–now I know I need it.

  54. Philip Baillie says:

    I'm not a pastor

  55. My biggest challenge as a pastor is the fact that I'm not yet and having the patience to submit my passion to the plan, timing, and will of God and to grow while I'm still training in Bible college.

  56. My remaining indwelling sin.

  57. Walking by faith and not by sight.

  58. Finding a way to effectively reach my small rural neighborhood for Christ!

  59. The biggest challenge is to stay spiritually strong for the congregation when you yourself need help and comfort.

  60. David Paul says:

    I have been a Logos customer for about 15 years. I started with a Nelson package, then transitioned to Logos 2.0, Libronix, L4 & L5, always getting the maximum package available…Scholars, Silver, Gold, then both the L4 & L5 Portfolio base packages when they were released. Just this year, my daughter graduated from high school. and this past fall she surprised us by deciding on her own that she wanted to be baptized. In the spring she will begin attending college. It would be absolutely awesome for me to be able to gift her with a package that not only provides her with most of the resources I have in my own library (although over the years I have supplemented my library with thousands of additional titles), but in addition she could have an awesome brand new laptop to use in her studies. She is interested in languages and ancient history, and Logos resources would be an awesome way for her to develop and support her interest in these areas. Being able to do studies with her online would be one of the coolest experiences this proud dad can imagine! Logos rocks!

  61. Always trying to work harder at having a healthy balance in ministry.

  62. stewarding all the resources God has given me well

  63. Biggest challenge as a pastor is biblically dealing with interpersonal issues within the congregation.

  64. Fearing God more than the highest tither, appointed leaders, the bishops, or basically any one who "potentially" can affect your place as a minister in any given place.

  65. Scot Tomlinson says:

    Becoming one. As I continue with school and a full time job, ministry responsibilities, adult children and their lives, and all of what happens each day.

  66. The biggest challenge is making sure my focus is on the important.

  67. Brian Kooshian says:

    I am not a pastor, but if I was, it would be to remain constant in prayer.

  68. Karen Skeith says:

    I imagine that is the truth for all bivocational pastors. It is also true of all of us who are dedicated christians with our jobs. It is very hard to find the balance. There is much work to do with most jobs where you don't punch a time clock. We work for the Glory of God. Balance is necessary because it is healthy, however, knowing just where the balancing act begins and ends is tough! :-)

  69. Karen Skeith says:

    Abiding is the key. It's tough. It is a discipline like eating right and exercising.

  70. The Biggest challenge as is building relationship and balancing time for family, pastoral work, ministry of the word and doing all things in 3 languages

  71. Balance. Making sure my family know how important they are. Making sure my home is spiritually healthy before I go out making sure everyone else is.

  72. The preaching of the Gospel of Christ is: Jesus Life, Death, Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ for the remission of sin, the Physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the 3rd day, and HIs soon Return.

  73. To help people understand the difference between God’s truth in the Bible and man’s traditions. They are not the same! Also, trying to teach/explain how history works and how to understand it.

  74. Time, and it's proper use.

  75. Prayer

  76. David O'Dowd says:

    Deciding the better among the many good ministry choices daily and weakly.

  77. Rick Bellavance says:


  78. Scott Holman says:

    biggest challenge is keeping myself refreshed in Christ personally.

  79. Weekly sermon preparation.

  80. Christopher Scott says:

    Finding more time is my biggest challenge.

  81. Jerry Walker says:

    Finding time to spend in God's word.

  82. James Matichuk says:

    Not getting sidetracked by the 'good' from what God desires.

  83. Jason D. Jeffery says:

    Well, I'm only an intern, but the biggest challenge at this time is keeping confidence that God will continue to teach me and raise me into a man who will have no doubts in sharing His Word and praising His name!

  84. Nathan Parker says:

    I’m not a pastor but as a seminary student, I could use more time!

  85. Freddie Kinsler says:

    Marshall Barth may you be blessed this New Year coming may it be one Filled with HIM by your side and may HE become alive in all we do and say.

  86. Freddie Kinsler says:

    Happy Holidays to Everyone at Logos and for all those that may read this God Bless Us ALL.The biggest thing I do is enter act with those of different faith than my own. Mine is a Jesus that says IT is Finished! All Done just race the Good Race of Faith as Paul put it. And put on the Whole armor of God so we can Stand! Amen

  87. Freddie Kinsler thanks for the prayers and may the LORD's blessing be abundant within your life this coming year, especially considering that we're one year closer to HIS return!!! :{)))

  88. Our focus should be the abiding in HIS presence, with a heaping helping of faith, to realize HE will grace us with the time to manage all the rest!!! :{)))

  89. Franklin A. Carvajal says:

    Biggest challenge is in finding a biblical solid theological school to attend in the sacramento region that is affordable and solid in technology, mission, and preparation for practical pastoral ministry and focus on heart application of God's Word.

  90. Cliff Covington says:

    Administration. Reminding the flock that we are blessed to bless others!

  91. Franklin A. Carvajal says:

    Had to enter biggest challenge in ministry as apart of the applying to win the Logos Bible Software package for Christmas!

  92. Matt Caton says:

    Best resource available.

  93. Stuart Houghton says:

    People! This would be so much easier without people. Haha.

  94. Dave Moser says:

    My biggest challenge in ministry is outreach and evangelism.

  95. Guarding my prayer time

  96. I'm really not sure yet. I've only been doing this for a couple months. The short time has been a good tome, so far. In the long run I think the toughest thing for me will be accepting that I can't please everyone, and some people will inevitably take that very personally.

  97. John Botkin says:

    Living up to God's expectations more than others

  98. Jim Oesterwind says:

    My biggest challenge in ministry is myself.

  99. What a nifty video that was! :-)

  100. Making certain that I stay true to God's desire for the church.

  101. Christopher R Gillespie says:

    Time Management.

  102. balancing life with serving others.

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  104. Thomas Dowdy says:

    I don't know about most ministers but after retiring I discovered I spent more time doing what (I) thought God wanted me to do that I didn't stop to see what HE wanted me to do. I also, and I don't think I am by myself,thought I was more busy than I realy was.

  105. The biggest challenge is that the weight of ministry can press down on the reality of relationship with Jesus until you forget that the whole purpose of everything is to first be in relationship with Jesus modeling that to others and helping them to walk in the same thing.

  106. Maintaining personal time with Jesus.

  107. Spending time with God.

  108. Jon Varner says:

    Personal devotional time amidst busy schedule.

  109. Living a balanced and engaged life.

  110. Keeping priorities straight.

  111. I think its different for each Pastor. My strengths and weakness are not the same as other pastors. My greatest struggle is the war between pleasing man and pleasing God.

  112. Adam Pugh says:

    Balancing ministry with family time

  113. Ray Johnson says:

    I think one of the biggest challenges they face today complacency in their faith. Trying harder fitting into today’s society than following a Christ centered life.

  114. Chris Medina says:

    The biggest challenge to me is increasing the active participation of the whole church in ministry

  115. Andrew Brown says:

    Staying connected with Christ–making this the highest priority in life.

  116. Preaching uncompromising truth in the face of losing the means to support your family. Large steps of faith for many pastors, while many more sink to “softened” truths under the pressure.

  117. The biggest challenge pastors face is to be the shepherd of their home first and foremost.

  118. The biggest challenge pastors face is filling the role of prophet to their people and still hanging in there to fill the priestly roles afterward.

  119. Pastors biggest challenge is to destroy the thinking of that lutheran churches like baptist, pentecostal and apostolic are sects. The truth is that they definitely aren’t!

  120. The biggest challenge is the fear of man and not being appreciated

  121. A lack of focus.

  122. I would have to say the hardest challenge that Pastors face is pride, and selfishness. It is so easy to stand up behind a pulpit and think that your some “hot shot” but if there is “no death in the pulpit there is no life in the pew (Dying to Preach; Steven Smith)”

  123. Adam Paul says:

    There are many challenges which face pastors today. Not being a pastor, I’m not sure I can definitively say what the answer would be. However, I think the onslaught of laziness both in themselves and in their congregations is perhaps one of the larger problems faced by pastors. This encompasses laziness in ministry as well as in personal piety.

  124. This is a response to the question regarding the biggest challenge pastors face: remaining humble, and balancing the need to study and communicate the truth of God’s word effectively while also shepherding the hearts and souls entrusted to their care.

  125. martin Sisneroz says:

    Biggest challenge pastors face is self-care. They are so busy trying to help everyone else that they forget to do the things necessary for themselves and their families to keep them healthy and strong.

  126. Brian Reed says:

    I think the biggest challenge pastors face is keeping their personal devotional life vibrant in the midst of all of the pressures and responsibilities of ministry.