Why I Did It—The Truth Comes Out

nevergiveupSee the frog? That’s me.

Whether it’s a good idea or not, I’m the guy that never wants to give up. When I see my favorite NFL team punting the ball or going for the field goal at “4th and goal” it drives me nuts—I would go for the first or the touchdown every time. Now I’m no football expert, and I am sure smarter, more experienced coaches than I, are simply playing the percentages, but there’s something in me that always wants to win now, or go out in a blaze of glory trying.

A few weeks ago it became clear, here at Logos, that we were within striking distance of a major milestone for our company, but it didn’t look certain that we would make it. Can you imagine how this messed with my head?

Instead of planning our work, and working our plan, I went into full on “bull-in-a-china-shop” mode to do whatever it took to hit the milestone. I knew there was no way my poor confused brain would be able to handle coming so close to the finish line, only to come crashing down in an unceremonious, yet spectacular, crash just inches short of crossing it.

Long story short: I “Mega Packed” Christmas.

The new 500 Book Mega Pack is my “blaze of glory” effort to end this year firmly across the finish line of our goals. Plain and simple, it is not normal, it is extremely rare, it is massively discounted, and it may be your only opportunity ever to take advantage of my obsessive compulsive desire to hit goals, and make you a huge winner too. I know that I can’t get there without you, so I had to do what it takes to reward you with an unbelievably compelling offer for helping me reach my goals.

With fewer than a dozen days left in the year, something spectacular had to be done to “move the needle” enough to guarantee victory. We had to do something extreme.

Mega Pack is extreme.

It is not just another product or promotion. It is the biggest discount we have ever offered. In fact, it is so good I actually asked my team not to allow dynamic pricing on it, because the discount was already bigger than anything we had ever done before. Credit to whom credit is due, and good news for you… my team fought for you, to make it even better, and pleaded to let you win twice and combine the best discount we’ve ever had with even further discounting from your dynamic price.

You’ll notice that Mega Pack doesn’t have the same look and feel of most of our marketing. It is hyped, sensational, and perhaps a bit cheesy. That’s my fault. I assure you I will back off the cheese and let our high standards of elegance return once this promotion is over. The reason for the cheese is to stand out and shake you by the shoulders and plead with you to realize the truth. We knew we had to make something this extremely incredible to get your attention and convince you to spend your money now—just so we could hit our goal for this year. We can both win, and that’s a good thing.

It really will go away, forever.

Now that you know the truth behind why this product is so incredibly discounted and hyped, you’ll forgive us for forcing everyone to place their orders for it before the end of the year, because the reality is we are really just trying to hit a goal, not make more money. As crazy as that sounds, it is the truth. That’s why we are discontinuing the product at the end of the year, even though we know it could make a lot of money in the future. The goal is right before us, and we need to hit it now, because once December 31 passes, it won’t matter anymore. I’d rather hit the goal now than make more money overall. I know, I have a problem. (Fortunately I know where to get some great biblical counseling books.)

Please don’t blame the team for my cheese.

Now I’ve been saying “me,” “my,” and “I” all over this post… but please don’t get it wrong, all the work that went into creating this massive product and promotion from scratch in just a few days was put in by the incredible team of amazing people at Logos, right before Christmas. All I did was be unreasonably obsessive compulsive and throw a wrench in the spokes of the well laid plans they were already executing on. Please reward the team’s work by buying the Mega Pack (and if you appreciate all their hard work, please show it with a kind word for them in the comments section below). Thanks!

So there you have it. The 500 Book Mega Pack is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the best discount we have ever offered on a massive $10,000.00+ library of books, for a ridiculously small fraction of that price, and I can feel all warm and fuzzy about hitting a goal, (hmm I can’t help but feel that you are getting the bigger win here) but you have to act now!

Order the 500 Book Mega Pack online or call 888-875-9491 to order now!

You might not believe I’d say this…

I know it sounds crazy to hear me to say it, but the Mega Pack may not be for you. Really, you don’t have to buy it. Did you get that? One more time to be sure—don’t let the marketing hype push you into a bad financial position—seriously. It doesn’t matter how good the deal is if it is not a good idea for your finances. If you can’t afford this (or any impulse luxury you don’t need) don’t buy it. I’d rather completely miss this goal than push one person into dire financial straits.

Just because it is the best discount we have ever offered, doesn’t mean you have to have it. Yes it is a great deal, but if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. I’d hate to think that you made a poor financial decision for you or your family because I felt a compulsion to hit a goal that was set just for fun. We are not a publicly traded company, we have no one to impress, we are doing great, we aren’t even talking about what the goal is. I just thought it would be fun to hit the goal, and I wanted you to be blessed with an unprecedented opportunity to get a huge library of books that are sure to help you continue to explore and discover the wonders of the Word of God, at an amazing discount, so we both win big. You get an incredible deal, I get bragging rights. Hey wait a second, now that I “say it out loud” it doesn’t seem like I’m making such a great call here, what I am I going to do with bragging rights? Oh well, that ship has sailed. It’s alright if you are winning more than I am, I don’t mind.

Why are you reading when you should be dialing?

If money is no object, or if a payment plan of $39 per month or less is not a strain, you should be dialing 888-875-9491 right now. If you don’t call right now (and please note the area code is “888” not “800”) or add the Mega Pack to your shopping cart in the next sixty seconds, I won’t feel sorry for you when you realize you really did want it come January, and the only way you can get it is to meticulously add 500 books to your cart and shell out $10,000.00 or so. I guess it is your call, $399.95 now or $10,000.00 later, hmm, tough call. OK, honestly I will feel sorry for you, so maybe I’ll shave a few thousand dollars off that $10,000.00 order, but it still won’t be $399.95 like it is now while you still have time.

Buy the 500 Book Mega Pack online or call 888-875-9491 to order now!


  1. David Potete says

    So, I read the article twice and still must have missed it – what exactly is "the goal?"

  2. It sounds to me like "the goal" refers to an overall sales or revenue target for 2013.

  3. Mathew R Haferkamp says

    Yes Dan it was a great deal, but I think the best part of it was the dynamic pricing. I know for myself I would have probably passed on it if it didn't have dynamic pricing. Because I do watch community pricing and usually pick up the ones I really want. But to state it again the dynamic pricing put it over the top for me and I bet a lot of other people too.

  4. Excuse my ignorance – what is "dynamic pricing?"

  5. Mathew R Haferkamp says

    Dynamic pricing is when a package of books is for sale and then they will discount the price some if you own some of the books that are in the package.

  6. Mathew R Haferkamp Thanks! you confirmed my suspicions.

  7. Hey Don, not sure if you read about this football team or not. Grantland Channel: The Coach Who Never Punts http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/9970245/grantland-channel-coach-never-punts

  8. Hello Logos fans!

    I am a BIG supporter of Logos – I have spent $10,000+ over the years including expensive commentaries, Mobile Ed, Portfolio 4 and Portfolio 5 and Knox Seminary tuition. With the help of the great sales team, in particular John Ramsey I know that I have received value for my money. I have just purchased the 500 Book Mega Pack. What a deal! For those of us that can't get enough, any thoughts on a 1,000 book super mega pack down the road; like January 1st? :)

    Also, I had a chance to take a tour of the Logos home office during my Logos Training Camp with Mo last summer and really appreciated the energy and team work of the Logos team members. I especially appreciate the Company motto of, "No drama!" in the work place.

    Hat's off to Logos!

  9. What, no steak knives?

    Seriously though, looking through the list of 500 books, there is a fair amount of dross, wouldn’t you agree?

    I can’t imagine anyone ‘meticulously’ adding that particular selection, and paying up to $10K for it. A bit hypey, Dan?

    That is not to say that there may not be $400 worth of gold in there, but one man’s gold is another man’s dross, no?

    I looked through the list and won’t be parting with my $400 at this stage.



    • Interesting that while others’ comments were posted, mine remains awaiting moderation.

      Why would that be, I wonder.


  10. Dale Durnell says

    Good Morning Dan, et al,
    I watched the 12 days of Christmas sales and my option to buy was continually grayed out (umm, guess I already owned all of those) :). Like Gregory, I've spent many dollars over the past 15 years building up my Logos library.
    However, when the 500 book sale came along, and I found an even lower price than advertised (again, guess I owned more than a few of the ones in the offer), I jumped on it.
    Thanks ever so much to you and the team for this wonderful gift to us. Blessings to you and yours for a wonderful New Year ahead.

  11. I got it, and then, I got it! Great value and good addition to my Logos package! Thanks for the Mega-Pack and Happy New Year.

  12. I really like this 500 Book Mega Pack deal! However, this came at a time where my budget has been used up on Christmas expenses and there is no way I could have been able to afford it at such a short notice. Well, Dan the Man, I really admire your guts and wish your year ends with a bang!

  13. I still don't have $400 to spend on this. Sorry, but Logos is for others. I have to use less costly alternatives.

  14. I am not sure what the striking distance of a major milestone is for Logos; speaking strictly as a customer, the Mega-Pack is a good deal, and honestly if it was not because of the dynamic pricing, I could not afford it and would not have purchased it. Wish this also goes to any of the Logos 5 base package, even for a day. Wish you all have a prosperous new year and a belated Merry Christmas.

  15. Hi Dan,

    I just wanted to take this opportunity, as year end approaches, to thank you and everyone at Logos for producing such an incredible tool to help us dig deeper into God’s Word so it can be a transforming force in our lives.

    The more I use Logos the more I discover what an incredible and wonderful tool it is. I know that everyone at Logos are proud of what they have accomplished and want to continue to improve Logos. Insincerely appreciate and am thankful for Logos.

    Cheesy or not, the special deal is wonderful. I have to pass due to financial restraints and priorities at the moments, but I will continue to invest in Logos because I am investing in my spiritual growth and health.

    Thanks and that God may continue to bless you, your family and the Logos family in 2014 and beyond. I am really looking forward to what new surprises you guys have prepare for us in Logos 6.

    David Medina

  16. I wonder what the Lord thinks of logos.

  17. Thanks for the offer, a definite winner for Logos users, very comprehensive addition
    To the Library…..a must for everyone even if a little sacrifice is necessary… Thanks

  18. Chaffer Stephen says

    I enjoyed last years Christmas sale, seeing what others were voting and ending up with a special deal on the books I had waited for for some time…hence I look forward to this year with bated breath and my savings especially for another event, I was thinking this year was a let down, although the deals on offer in the run up to Christmas weren't what i hoped for…then I got 500 Mega Pack through my mail shot, even though I had some of the titles included there were some I was saving for, thanks for really good deal, I remain always yours in Jesus' love … Stephen

  19. I checked out some of the Harnack History of Dogma pages, which were badly scanned, and blurry. Quality is really unacceptable. But I may buy it anyway.

    • Chuck, the page scans we have on the product pages are to give you a feel for the content itself before we digitize it. The finished product is always beautiful full text in Logos (unless we are selling a image only product – very rare).

  20. I don't think so. I too am a go-for-it type of guy and when Logos presented its program at the church I attend, Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, I bought the "Scholar" disc set. I did not yet even own a computer, but I went for it and soon there after I bought my first computer so that I could use the Logos program. Everything was fine until I had to get a new computer and I had to call Logos for new numbers to apply my disc set, but new numbers worked. I happily used the program for years and it enhanced my knowledge of scriptures and enriched my relationship with God. I had only accepted Christ for a couple of years before I bought the disc set. Now I have a new computer and Logos will no longer stand by their product. I can't reload the disc set and logos has told me I have to start over and buy a brand new system and will not help me reactivate the first one I bought. If a company won't stand by their product I am pretty much done with them. They have a great product but just know it won't last forever, eventually you'll have to continue buy new systems. I have found online free sites help, but it was nice having all the commentaries right at my finger tips. I do wish I had my disc set loaded and could use it again. I basically used it for scripture look up and word study and commentary, I can't afford to pay for the expansions, so I stayed on the disc alone and it is a good system. Thanks for the memories, but I can't spend another $400 knowing that eventually I will lose it.

  21. You spent too much time jabbering and not really saying much. This might be a great offer but unless I know what the full product is (book names) I'm not going to spend $39 much less $399. I think Logos is amazing but I don't want to read a book to come to the end and still not know what I am getting. Blessings and best of luck to you.

  22. I'm sorry, even the $39.00 WOULD be a financial strain to me and my family. But I hope you do get your goal. If the Lord wants you to, you will. He'll determine it though, not I. Blessings for the new year.

  23. Deborah Gatchel says

    If you click on "500 Book Mega Pack" in the article, it will take you to the product page that lists all the authors, publishers, and individual book titles.

  24. Paul Powers says

    Long story short: I jumped at this.. things converged in such a way that I didn’t just get this deal, but two other things that have been on my wish list for quite a long time: (Finally) get the Logos 5 upgrade, and an add on pack of my favorite author, AW Tozer.. and the other 500 books are just a bonus, although this did push me over to arrange things in my budget and do this a tad bit sooner. Don’t worry, last month became the first month since July 2008 that I COULD afford to do any of this! It’s a long story (and even involves a job interview at the Logos offices in B’ham!), but now things are clicking along for me again (now gainful employed, and 2000 miles away from Everett, WA now!), and this deal is just icing on an already amazing story of God’s work and provision for me, RIGHT at the time it, again, became possible to even consider, let alone ACT on any purchases from Logos yet again!!! *He* is good, as we all know! And thank you for this ‘little’ extra bonus! Paul P, formerly of Monroe WA, recently relocated to Dallas, TX!

  25. Due to the age of a great deal of the material, it reminds me of seeing the insides of any theological library; a hundred or so sets (read compendia) of old volumes that no one has opened in years. I prefer having multiple translations and the original languages.

  26. I have not yet purchased a base package, could I buy this 500 Mega pack as my starter in Logos?

    • Dan Pritchett says

      Matt, you certainly can’t go wrong with the value, but honestly a base package is much more thought out for providing you a well-rounded theological library’s essential parts. First and foremost, Bibles. I’d love to have this sale for the Mega Pack, but I’d have to honestly say that if you can only buy one thing, the base package is the better choice as a way to get into our system.

  27. You can download the free Logos 5 engine at https://www.logos.com/downloads. Once downloaded, just log in with your Logos.com account to access your resources.

    If you have further problems, call us at 800-875-6467 and we'll make sure you're taken care of!

  28. Curtis Bessette says

    Thank you Logos :)