The Logos Apps Just Got a Redesign!

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The whole suite of Logos mobile apps just got an awesome update. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about version 4.0 of the Logos Bible app.

Redesigned for iOS 7 and Android 4.4 (KitKat)

Embracing the flat-UI design wave, we’ve eliminated gradients, shadows, and reflections, relying instead on a series of simple icons and beautiful typography. Our 4.0 apps fit right in on the latest version of your favorite operating system—either iOS 7 or Android 4.4 KitKat.

All-new homepage

The homepage now hosts three daily-use items:

  • A reference box for quick navigation to a specific passage
  • A list of daily readings you can edit in-app
  • Logos’ Verse of the Day image, to inspire and challenge you

When updates become available for any of your resources, you’ll also receive notifications here.

Slideout menu

In 4.0, we wanted to make it easy to get from anywhere to anywhere without compromising the uncluttered, text-focused reading experience we’ve always favored. So we introduced a slideout menu to simplify in-app navigation and bring the most-used features to the forefront.

Recent references

The most useful change in 4.0 is in the verse picker. Now, when you tap to select a reference, you can choose a verse one of three ways: from a canonical list, in your book’s table of contents, or in a list of verses you’ve recently read. The last option is particularly useful—you can pin references to remain at the top of the list so they remain ever accessible. While this isn’t truly new, it’s been relocated for accessibility; you might discover it for the first time in 4.0.

Exclusive to Android

In addition, Android users will enjoy three extra features:

  • Notes sharing—other apps can now send content to the Logos app. When you find a great illustration in your RSS reader or email, create a Logos note with just a few taps!
  • Android Beam—devices with near field communications (NFC) capability will now be able to beam references, books, and notes when placed back to back with other NFC-capable devices.
  • Store—browse and buy new books right from your Android phone or tablet. It’s never been easier to find and acquire the Bible study tools you need!

Like it? Tell the world!

Proverbs 22:1 says, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold.”

As we launch 4.0, we need your help building a great reputation in the app stores. If you love 4.0 as much as we think you will, take a minute and review it. You’ll be helping more people discover and fall in love with Logos-powered Bible study.

Logos’ app wasn’t the only one to get a redesign. Check out the latest Faithlife Study Bible and Vyrso apps, too.

* * *

If you don’t have our free Bible app, download it today to get the newest version!


  1. Great news! Were I still on Android, I would definitely be updating. Given that Windows Phone now has greater market share than iPhone in some parts of the world, any chance of a Windows Phone app sometime soon? Please? :)

  2. Rob Kuefner says

    I know… I’ve read the forums, but I’m still putting in a vote for an updated Windows app and a Windows Phone app.

    • Actually, we do have a Logos app in the Windows store. It isn’t getting a lot of development time though, until the windows phone gains more market share.

      • Rob Kuefner says

        Actually there is no Windows Phone App. There’s a Windows (Modern/Metro) App for Windows 8 that allows you to read your books in your Logos Library, but that’s it. And there’s nothing for a Windows Phone. I know I can use Biblia but it’s not like the full functionality of an app. I just got the Nokia Lumia 928 after a few Android phones. Sweetest phone I’ve ever had. I know it’s a market share issue… I do think its trending upward for both (Phone & Windows 8). Look at the OneNote (Modern/Metro) app for Windows 8 and I think you can see the potential. But not being a developer, and knowing how you have to make business decisions, I’ll just have to patiently wait. I do think someday Logos will be putting out an app. (My bold prediction) Unless Jesus returns sooner. Come Lord Jesus!

  3. Looking forward for a real Windows and WIndows Phone App too!

  4. Clive Garrett says

    Yep – definitely an improvement

  5. Not the whole suite…

  6. Nice update.

  7. Nathan Parker says

    Love the new iOS apps! Very clean and feature rich. Logos has officially impressed me since I didn't think they'd have iOS 7-ready versions this soon.

  8. Great update! New design improves on usability and features. Thanks Logos!

  9. Andrew Tatum says

    Really enjoy the new update and thanks for the share update on Android, the entire app just flows so much better. And it makes for sharing biblical quotes a whole lot better and easier.

  10. Works very well on the new Nexus 7 with Android 4.4.2

  11. Roger Feenstra says

    I like the new design on the app. It is much easier to navigate. Being able to quickly find a Bible passage is a great help. It's very clean looking too. Thanks.

  12. Logos is the best Bible software on the market. I have in on my computer, tablet and smart phone. I can access multiple translations, daily devotions and the Getting To Know Jesus Bible Study Series from all three sources.

    By the way, have you preordered your Getting To Know Jesus Harmony of the Gospels? Go to: and order today.

    Merry Christmas!

  13. Windows phone, please! You know it`s only a matter of time. My Windows phone is way better than Android. Release the app and you'll see more Logos users going to Windows phone.

  14. Another vote for a Windows app, I don't have a Windows Phone (iPhone here) but a proper Windows Store app would be much appreciated for those of us with Windows tablets as well! The Windows devices are getting really good (and more popular every day)

  15. I would still like my prayer list available in the app.