Flash Sale: The 500 Book Mega Pack Is Logos’ Best Deal Ever!

The 500 Book Mega Pack is too good to last! Come midnight, December 31, we pull it down forever. 

We’re not going to raise the price—we’re going to pull the product, and this amazing 500-book collection will exist no more.

The 500 Book Mega Pack

We’ve pulled 500 classic titles into one amazing collection—and we’re offering it for over 96% off. That’s not a joke, people. That’s hands-down the greatest discount we’ve ever offered. It’s an even larger discount than you’d get with Portfolio, our largest base package!

Round out your library with an enormous bundle that would cost you over $10,000 any other time—for only $399.95!

We worked hard to make sure you’re not going to find this stuff in any base package. And even if you do already have some of these resources, you’ll get a custom ownership discount—this means potential savings on top of the more than 96% you’re already taking off!

If you missed your opportunity to secure any of these products while they were on Pre-Pub or Community Pricing, this is your second chance to get some amazing prices. It’s not that often you get an opportunity for an honest-to-goodness do-over!

Get today’s discount with tomorrow’s budget

As we’ve said, the window on this deal is short—it’ll disappear in a manner of days. But don’t let that keep you from taking advantage of this unbelievable discount. If you pick up the 500 Book Mega Pack today, you can stretch out the payments for up to a year at less than $39 a month!

Consider this:

One of the collections in the Mega Pack is the 21-volume Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges. If you were to purchase this commentary set, which Baptist Magazine called “one of the most popular and useful literary enterprises of the nineteenth century,” you’d pay $244.95. That’s 61% of the entire bundle’s cost!

This collection is full of the kinds of commentary, theology, history, and practical application that your library needs. Adding this bundle doesn’t just give you more individual books—the value of Logos’ networked library lies in the fact that each resource’s content bolsters Logos’ collective study power. With the 500 Book Mega Pack, your Passage Guide, topical, or phrase searches become more robust and powerful, putting next-level study within arm’s reach.

Merry Christmas!

Offering our largest sale ever is our special Christmas gift to you, and come January 1, we’re pulling it down forever. This collection will never be available again—at any price. You’ll need to act fast to take advantage of this amazing resource and this unbelievable price. Get yours now!


  1. Clint Scott says:

    This is a HUGE discount! a very well put together collection, one of the sets was in my wishlist so really glad to see it included which was the Moravian Church History Collection


  2. Jacob Hantla says:

    There are so many good things in here.
    I have already owned the Flavel collection and can say that his works which are included are worth far more than charged. Add just a couple of other resources that you would want and this is a no brainer if you have the money

  3. Awesome collection. In addition, Logs figures out what titles we already own and makes the adjustment in the price for each individual. I've purchased the packages offered several times before but this is far and away the most comprehensive package! Well worth the investment.

  4. Eddy Schravemade says:

    Most of the collection appear to be ancient fathers of the faith who God blessed in a mighty way.
    Unfortunately it appears for me at least that you would have to translate the ancient language into modern language. There is a need for someone to translate them. The difficulty could be that the message as intended would get lost.