Get the Logos 5 Engine for Free

Logos 5 updateLast week, Logos 5 users received a free update (Logos 5.2) that included a number of feature and performance improvements. As always, you can find the complete release notes on the Logos forums.

But if you’re still using version 4 or earlier, you don’t have to miss out! You can download the Logos 5 engine for free.

The difference between updating and upgrading

We make an important distinction between upgrading and updating.

When you upgrade, you’re getting brand-new features, like the Timeline and Sermon Starter. You’re getting a wide range of new resources at heavily discounted prices, all powered by new datasets.

When you update, though, you don’t pay a thing—updating is free. You don’t get new books or datasets, but you do get the newest, best-performing code, plus free updates to books you already own—things like typo fixes, new content, and new tagging.

You can summarize the differences between upgrading and updating like this:

Price Books Datasets Code
Upgrading Not free New and updated New and updated New and updated
Updating Free Updated only Updated only New and updated

To get the most out of Logos 5, you’ll want to upgrade to a Logos 5 base package. In the meantime, though, you should update to the Logos 5 engine and get the improved performance of Logos 5.2—free.

Get the newest, best-performing software for free: download the Logos 5 engine today!


  1. Does the Logos 5.2 engine work with Windows XP ? It is because I am still running on XP that I couldn't upgrade to Logos 5 !!!

  2. I don't have Logos 5.2, so do I need Logos 5 engine?

  3. You can update to the 5 engine anyway my files show that I already updated the base, the first paragraph states if you’re still using version 4 or earlier, you don’t have to miss out, these are free updates. I'm giving it a try.

  4. I'll have to take that back, it takes windows 64 application rather than windows 32 application which is what I have. I have 4.0.

  5. logos has always been a blessing to me with my study of the bible

  6. Andre Kimble says

    No, You need to have vista or higher. I went a bought windows 7 and it works.

  7. Suzanne E. Schwarz says

    I already heave Logos. Why does it not recognize that when I inserted the CD for my text book?