The New International Commentary: Now Available in Individual Volumes!

NICOTIt comes as no surprise that The New International Commentary (NIC) is among our best-selling resources. The New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT) and the New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT) are authoritative scriptural guides, bridging the cultural gap between today’s world and the Bible’s. Each volume aims to help us hear God’s Word as clearly as possible.

“The NIC is an amazing scholarly, protestant, evangelical commentary series. It gives verse-by-verse commentary on almost every book of the Bible, including immensely helpful introductory information. The only thing better than the commentary series itself is being able to have the entire thing with you, on your laptop, wherever you go. The NIC for Logos is a great resource that every seminarian should consider.” review

Until recently, these volumes have only been available together, in larger collections. But now, after teaming up with Eerdmans Publishing, we’re excited to announce that we’re offering these commentaries as standalone collections and individual titles!

Get the new NICOT/NICNT collections at the best price

LargeCollectionTo celebrate, we’re offering special discounts for a limited time. Get the volumes you want before it’s too late—this sale runs only through December 2. You can choose from some exciting new collections, such as:

And you have many more collections to choose from—be sure to check out all the NICOT/NICNT collections and volumes, as well as the rest of our new Eerdmans resources.

Don’t miss out—this sale ends December 2. Get your NICOT/NICNT volumes and collections today!


  1. Clive Garrett says

    At last!!!! Yippee!!

  2. Mykola Leliovskyi says


  3. Mykola Leliovskyi says

    Wait a second! The prices for individual volumes are ridiculous and academic pricing doesn't apply? C'mon Logos Bible Software way to ruin the best announcement ever!

  4. Chuck Sigler says

    Great Idea to release the single titles in this series. But many of them are TOO pricey. Can't say I'll be buying any of them.

  5. Low prices? Something Logos Bible Software is not known for. I would do a lot more business with them if they actually discounted their products. It's unreasonable for me to repurchase books I have in print at full retail (no I do not consider 2-15% a discount).

  6. Mykola Leliovskyi says

    Amen brother! I already have all of the NIC volumes I want in print, since I wasn't expecting Logos Bible Software to start selling them individually anyways.

  7. Peter McCreary says

    Single titles is a great idea, thank you, BUT at the price I must still approach this with a budget plan. AND the copies I would like, I have the hard copies of them. Let's stay in prayer, if they could make an adjustment to offering single titles, they next may be able to adjust further allowing them to be more affordable to us who are on a fixed income. Blessings

  8. Sorry Logos…the announcement made me look with excitement, but the price will keep me from buying